2006 The Year That Was – A Summary – Part II

Happy New Year All!

Sepang was awesome! Loads of updates coming soon…promise!

Continued from Part I.


May was a pretty happening month with a good variety of different types of events.

My quest for decent Siao Loong Pau started and still continues to this day.


Dragon-I was pretty disappointing. There’s still plenty of recommendations I need to follow up, should have more time now with my change in circumstances 🙂

May was also a very special month because my brother from another mother, the dude with the same birthday as me, got married!

God Marriage


During May I had a little thing with a penguin about Internet Disease..

The KL International Motorshow also popped up in May, it was pretty fun.


I decided I wanted to move on with photography and buy a Digital SLR (Canon 350D or Nikon D70s) in May too…

Nikon D70s

I decided on the Nikon D70s of course!

I also witnessed the rather pathetic Malaysian national football team barely beat MyTeam, a football team created from a reality show.

MyTeam Match


June was a fairly work oriented month with a few rants in the middle, it was also sad due to a friend passing on..


Happy because I went ahead and purchased a spanking new Nikon D70s!

Nikon D70s

I headed to Manila for work and chilled with Bryanboy!


I also noticed McDonalds wanted to compete directly with Ramly!


I had a little rant about work back then too.

I got a cheque from Adbrite too which was barely worth banking.



In July I waxed lyrical about the lack of quality in the posts on PPS.

I also upgraded myself with some l33t h4x0ring and an OPST certificate.


Streamyx continued being complete shite.


And we launched MoNSTer Blog!, we haven’t done with it what we’d planned so far as we’d been too busy, but I have some time for it now and it will get sorted out this year.


Along with that came DigiSniper my own personal pet project about photography and cameras!


I took a very un-interesting trip to Dubai too, whoopee!


August was the start of my photographic journey when I started getting used to my new camera and experimenting with it. First up though I blogged about Dubai.



A Trip to Dubai – Day 2
A Trip to Dubai – Day 1

After that came the Sunrise Rhythm and Jazz festival!



And another chance for some photos, the Asia Cultural Lantern Carnival at Bukit Jalil.



Then of course one of my main highlights of the year, a trip back to UK!





A Walk Through Worcester Back Streets
A Trip to Worcester Cathedral & FOOD!
My Mom’s Garden, Steak & Lemon Cheesecake
Food, Trains & a Wet Trip to London
A Trip to The Garden Center – If You Like Flowers Look Here
A Trip to Worcester City Center & The Cathedral
An 8km Walk up the Malvern Hills
The Trip Home & A Pub Lunch in Malvern

Part III coming soon!

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