WildFit Challenge – Week 11 & 12 – A Small Break

Still in Spring, still enjoying it, still losing weight! All good so far. The only change really during this period is that for Week 12 we came out of Spring together as a group. Now that doesn’t mean going wild, cheating and eating all kinds of junk (still no sugar, dairy etc).

But it does mean you can eat some fruits in the morning (preferably start with berries) and towards the end of the week indulge in some complex carbs (sweet potato and brown rice for example).

Week 11

The shopping began at this point! I’d lost so much weight I couldn’t comfortably wear my old clothes anymore – they looked ridiculous and were just tremendously lose.

You can see my process of getting rid of my old stuff here:

Shopping at FOS

May not look the best in this at this point, but it’s an XL in a regular store (FOS) AND it’s muscle fit. So yah, progress for sure. I can actually shop in high street stores now like H&M, Uniqlo, Old Navy and FOS.

Amazingly I’m only an L in H&M, not even an XL!

And I got my first item ever from Uniqlo, a pair of jeans – quite a monumental moment for me.

Uniqlo Jeans

Happy days!

We managed to squeeze another meal in at ChimiChurri Jaya One too, probably our favourite place to eat on diet. Totally sugar free, a great selection of proteins and cauli rice!

ChimiChurri Jaya One

Week 12

So this week we were supposed to go out of Spring, but honestly for us we’d been kind of in and out anyway and as we were in December and we knew we were very likely to go way off the rails over the Christmas period we decided just to stay in (pretty) deep Spring.

I had a 2 day company meeting off-site, so that was a bit of a challenge. But as with anything, a bit of effort and planning can mitigate against less than ideal circumstances in most cases.

Hotel Buffet Lunch

The one thing I do appreciate more now is hotel buffets, because it allows you to select what you want, what is on diet and you can try a small amount of a few things to see if they are sweet/not suitable etc. This is what I had for lunch basically, loads of steak and prawns and sparkling water – and it was delicious.

We also went our for dinner too, and I managed that on diet with rotisserie chicken and rattatouie – it came with potatoes so I just asked them to swap that for more vegetables. It was delicious!

Dinner Out

Yah I’m also that weirdo that brings their own tea to events now haha. Rooibos ftw!

Rooibos Tea

I also did a bit of cooking this week, a typical Summer type dinner – Spatchcock chicken with a lemon mayonnaise, sweet potato wedges and some stir fried spinach in coconut amino’s.

Spatchcock Chicken

We did have some summer meals during the week, just not all the time and we chose not to have any fruit at all.

Week 11 & 12 Summary

Pretty interesting times for us as it felt more like we were learning how to live with a WildFit type diet for the long term, what was below our line of acceptability (things that you absolutely wont eat) and what we thought we’d keep in our lives even knowing it was bad for our health (butter!).

Excercise wise, I’m still keeping up my Couch to 5k, although week 4 got REAL tough, I’ve had to retry it a few times. And I’m doing my daily pushups, I’m up to 14 a day now – from the beginning when I couldn’t even really do 2 pushups properly. Quite a lot of progress.

We will keep going, living mostly in Spring and cycling in and out when we feel the need (or desire) to, but eating as much veges as we can at every meal, drinking plenty of water and keeping the bad stuff to a minimum.

Up to date, I’ve lost about 15kg (around 33lbs) on WildFit and in total since June I’ve lost around 22kg (around 49lbs) including losing 5% body fat on WildFit and 11% since June (still a long way to go).

My ideal weight according to the ‘charts’ is around 95kg and my current target for Body Fat % is to get below 24% which would put me back in the normal range. Although my long term goal is to get to 18% or below, ideally around 15%.

I started WildFit at 125kg and 32% Body Fat, right now I’m at 110kg and 27% Body Fat (In June I was 132kg and 38% Body Fat).

If you’re interested in measuring your Body Fat (which is a way more relevant measure than weight) the most accurate way at home is with the Accu-Measure Body Fat Calipers.

You can also get a scale that measures pretty accurately and is much easier (and less painful) like the Tanita BF680W Body Fat Monitor or what I use which is the Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale.

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Drink the Alkagizer Prime every day (no fruits)
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
– Continue to remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine
– Continue to Remove fruits, sweet vegetables, beans and honey

Food wise, no changes, apart from having a bit of Summer in Week 12. Remember the tips if you are struggling with the switch and energy (more good fats, plenty of salt, aerobic exercise etc) and keep on in WildFit Spring!

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6 Responses to WildFit Challenge – Week 11 & 12 – A Small Break

  1. lex January 18, 2017 at 2:51 pm #

    looking good and well done!

  2. nobody January 21, 2017 at 11:29 pm #

    hey ST, its impossible to make the alkagizer without the vitamix or industry blender, any recommendation pls?

    • ShaolinTiger January 22, 2017 at 8:41 pm #

      Not impossible, but can be difficult and unpleasant to drink. We are using Vitamix 5200 – that’s my top recommendation. If on a bit more of a budget, then maybe the Oster Versa is good.

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