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Posting Spoilers on Social Media – Yes you are a TWAT

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a ranty blog post in this category, 4 years in fact. It used to get fairy well used haha. Part of what blogging used to originally be I guess, a diary, a journal, somewhere to vent, somewhere to be grateful, somewhere to celebrate. I guess we should go […]

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Spoiler OFF

Can you believe it, I was away in Sandakan for 2.5 days and someone ripped my spoiler off! What is the world coming to? The top of the boot is all bent out of shape too, I’m just wondering how much it’s going to cost me to fix it. There goes my Xbox 360. Not […]

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Can You CONCENTRATE? Are We Getting Dumber?

Sometimes I wonder, I wonder where the human race is going. Is it really evolving? Or is it actually devolving? It makes sense to me that people are getting stupider, society seems to embrace it even promote it. Dumbing down is becoming the norm, reading as a past-time is becoming obsolete (unless it’s trashy self-help […]

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Nice Photo/Picture – What Camera/Lens Did You Use?

Now this is something that really irks me… I first encountered it when I joined some Malaysian photography forums a couple of years back, there was a lot of “Wow nice pics, what camera did you use?!” – usually stated with horrible grammar and spelling. I was a member of a bunch of more International […]

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Stupid Taxi Drivers..

Taxi drivers in Malaysia get a lot of bad press for not using their meters, not taking people if the distance is too short or too long, charging more if it’s raining, charging more if there’s a traffic jam or just plain refusing to take people because they don’t feel like going where you want […]

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Smallest Car – Biggest Asshole

Learn to park dumbfuck. I mean SORRY – but is it really that hard to park in between the bright yellow lines? When your car is as big as a fucking matchbox. I can kind of understand parking like this if it’s 3am and there’s no one in the car park and you can take […]

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I HATE Plaza Damas

Ok so to continue my particularly bad week…. My chair breaks, my car gets damaged and then my computer starts playing up….I didn’t even have the mood to tidy up the apartment which is starting to resemble some kind of paper recycling plant/rubbish dump. Anyway, I went over to Plaza Damas to get some pancakes […]

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Sometimes I HATE PR and Events People

I’ve written about this before some time back, it’s happening less frequently I have to admit..but it still happens. Remember “Yue May Not Mail Me Anymore”, well another occurence happened today. Even worse they had my real e-mail address as I have dealt with the agency before. The agency incidentally who likes to poach jobs […]

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Yeah Valentine’s Day STILL Sucks – Be My Anti-Valentine

I’ve always been anti-valentine’s day, I’ve even been in the papers for my views on this. It seems trendy in the last 1-2 years to go against Valentine’s day, it seems anti-commercialism is finally hitting the mainstream. What’s the point really? Overpriced flowers? Overpriced dinners? As I mentioned before, I learnt a very good lesson […]

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No Taxi – Malaysian Taxis Are Teh SUCK

Sometimes companies in Malaysia really make me wonder, they make me wonder how they survive.. They make me wonder how consumers can accept them, then I remember ok la, it’s Malaysia, there is no concept of customer service or customer satisfaction here. Or consumer rights (statutory rights) or anything similar, not that’s enforced anyway. So […]

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