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My Experience With Uber vs MyTeksi In Malaysia

So yah, if you live in Malaysia you know about the taxi situation. I’m pretty sure we’ve all had some experiences with the poorly maintained, rude, cut-throat taxi drivers that are one of the worst things about this beautiful country. Even if you don’t take taxis much (like me), you will experience them driving like […]

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I’m a TV Star – I was on NTV7 Venus

I just remember I hadn’t posted about this as I was at the building management office paying for my car-parking and the fella asked if I was on NTV7 Venus a while ago.. So yes I was! On May 30th I was on an edition about Public Transport and Taxis. The regular host is Aishah […]

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Stupid Taxi Drivers..

Taxi drivers in Malaysia get a lot of bad press for not using their meters, not taking people if the distance is too short or too long, charging more if it’s raining, charging more if there’s a traffic jam or just plain refusing to take people because they don’t feel like going where you want […]

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No Taxi – Malaysian Taxis Are Teh SUCK

Sometimes companies in Malaysia really make me wonder, they make me wonder how they survive.. They make me wonder how consumers can accept them, then I remember ok la, it’s Malaysia, there is no concept of customer service or customer satisfaction here. Or consumer rights (statutory rights) or anything similar, not that’s enforced anyway. So […]

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