WildFit Challenge – Week 9 & 10 – Yah Still Spring

Nothing much to report here really, still in deep spring on the WildFit Challenge, still avoiding all middle vegetables (including carrots, red peppers, root vegetables, sweet potato etc).

It’s getting easier as time goes on, and we quite enjoy it. It makes grocery shopping really easy, cooking is simpler and less messy (no sticky sugar residue anywhere) and washing up is really easy (fringe benefits of eating like this haha).

It may seem a little more costly at first as you have to buy some new stuff (Aminos, organic balsamic, good oils etc) but after that, it’s pretty much cheaper all the time with very little eating out (Expensive!) and no snacking, junk food or cakes (really Expensive!).

Week 9

We still regularly eat out (At least one a week) and always at Nando’s haha, safest place in the mall. Whole chicken, plain flavour, 4 grilled veges with no carrots.

Liam can eat a whole quarter chicken by himself now (taken off the bone of course).

Liam at Nando's

And then after that he can polish off a whole bowl of peri fries, what a beast. And sometimes he’ll ask for some ‘trees’ too (aka Broccoli).

We did manage to find somewhere else to eat out finally haha, Opika in 1 Utama – an organic market and restaurant. They have some great gluten-free cakes too and the food is really nice and reasonably priced.

Opika 1 Utama

They were really cool too, I messed up my order as I thought it came with sweet potato mash, but I read it wrongly, it was actually sweet basil and potato mash – but they were super cool and changed out the potatoes for me to sweet potatoes with no charge and no fuss.

Opika - 1 Utama - Meatballs

It was delicious, and on diet (if you’re in summer, which I wasn’t but hey you gotta have some leeway).

And yah, we folded and had some cake to feed our Candida haha. It was incredibly delicious and mostly guilt free (gluten and dairy free).

Opika - 1 Utama - Coconut Cake

Really nice cake!

Week 10

Nando’s again of course haha, here’s our full order (plus 2 bottles of water).

Nandos Again!

It’s actually pretty easy to eat clean at Nandos, it’s a tasting and satisfying meal, totally on diet with no guilt! And for the portion sizes, pretty decently priced.

I find myself constantly judging people in Nandos now though, with 1/4 chicken, double carbs (chips and rice) and no veges in sight. It’s a healthy place to eat only if you choose it to be, otherwise, it can be just as bad as anywhere else – it comes down the choices YOU personally make each day and each and every meal.

I was starting to show real signs up weight loss and was able to wear old clothes I haven’t worn in 4-5 years (that were tight then) and have them be pretty loose.

Wearing Old Clothes

Time to start shopping for some new stuff I reckon!

Week 9 & 10 Summary

So yah, not too hard really, still having delicious meals, bitter green smoothies each morning (about 32oz or 1L each) and not going hungry ever.

I’m keeping up some moderate excercise with Couch to 5k and doing some push-ups too, to build my upper body strength, core and give me some toning.

We will keep going in deep spring as it’s working well, we feel very focused, very energetic and are doing great. Up to date I’ve lost about 12kg (around 26lbs) on WildFit and in total since June I’ve lost around 20kg (around 44lbs) including losing around 5% body fat (still a long way to go with that one haha).

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Drink the Alkagizer Prime every day (no fruits)
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
– Continue to remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine
– Continue to Remove fruits, sweet vegetables, beans and honey

Food wise, no changes, remember the tips if you are struggling with the switch and energy (more good fats, plenty of salt etc) and keep on in WildFit Spring!

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