WildFit Challenge – Week 5 – No Alcohol or Caffeine

This week was a shocker for a lot of people, WHAT NO CAFFEINE TO WAKE UP?! WHAT NO ALCOHOL TO FALL ASLEEP?! NO NICOTINE?! Indeed, no alcohol or caffeine and no nicotine.

WildFit Challenge – Week 5 – No Alcohol or Caffeine

Yah, those are the crutches most people are extremely reliant on, and the basis is that now you’re extremely well nutritionally satisfied at this stage (After having Alkagizers and fruits for 3 weeks now, any withdrawal symptoms you might have will be minimised drastically).

I already stopped caffeine earlier when we stopped dairy because honestly, coffee doesn’t taste that great, especially without cream or milk – it’s just kinda bitter and very acidic. But alcohol haha, slightly harder for me as I love beer and whisky and enjoy them on a fairly regular basis.

I have stopped alcohol totally for 30 days before just to make sure I was an alcoholic (Which my family has history of) and I could do it just fine, so I know a few weeks in this case is no problem.

Caffeine was a real problem for some people, especially those with a 4-5 cups a day habit, they had terrible withdrawals (sweating, trouble sleeping, back aches, intense tiredness, shaking and more).

The Kitchen Clean-out

No real changes for us, but this week we got REALLY committed to this, I wanted to throw away some jam and a few things from the fridge and we ended up cleaning out the entire fridge, freezer and all our cupboards.

We were brutal, anything with ANY form of sugar, dairy or wheat is gone. Cupboard, fridge and freezer now only contain foods that support us.

I’ll be honest, it was hard, but not as hard as I thought, I have a strong emotional/cultural attachment to some things, which I don’t even really eat (which is odd) but feel much better now I don’t have to hang onto them any more.

The ones that really hurt me were:

– Branston Pickle
– Sriracha
– HP Sauce
– Worcester Sauce (its my hometown)
– Biscoff (malt biscuit spread)
– Bagels
– English Breakfast Tea (Yorkshire)
– Pickled Gherkins

For Kim it was her beloved jelly. For most things I’m sure we can find more functional alternatives. I was surprised neither of us was really attached to the ice cream.

Ended up with about 6 bin bags full of crap.

Started slow with condiments, yup they all have sugar in.

Condiments with Sugar

The first huge pile of stuff.

Non functional foods

More crap.

Sugar laden foods

Another thing we observed was that we had bought a lot of this stuff, but 90% of it was unopened and expired which means we thought we wanted it, but actually we didn’t and never ended up consuming it.

Which kinda shows we were already on the right track, just not consciously, not all the way and not fully committed.

Day 1

By now honestly I didn’t really feel the need to eat lunch, the fruits and Alkagizer were very filling and kept me full till about 3-4pm when we just needed something light to keep us going to dinner (an avocado) and one of our favourites and the reason I made mayonnaise is two 6-minute boiled eggs with some sea salt, mayo and paprika.

Eggs with home-made mayo

And of course, we kept on with our carb free meals for now to flip our switch to fat burning as we move into week 6 and a new season.

Day 4

We managed to eat out and stay on plan, no pictures of the food as we were too hungry haha. We went to Nando’s after taking Liam for his play-time at Ikano.

He also had a fairly WildFit compliant diet but we got him some fries as he does need more carbs than us to keep growing. We weren’t even tempted to eat any of the fries, which was pretty amazing.

Liam at Nandos

I had grilled veges, half a chicken (which seemed too much) and sweet corn – totally on plan.

So the week went pretty well so far, no problems so far.

Week 5 Summary

So the week wasn’t too bad and for Kim was easy as she doesn’t have to change anything really (She doesn’t drink coffee, alcohol or smoke so ya) but we did cut out all processed foods just to follow the program as strictly as possible.

That means everything you can buy in a can, jar or vacuum pack is out, for now, to give our body a break from all the chemicals and preservatives in those types of food.

Everything we are eating is natural and fresh.

Honestly wasn’t too hard for me either, as I have a massive beer tasting coming up on 29th (gonna be TOTALLY off program) so I can stop for a while, and probably will enjoy stopping after that too haha.

To summarise:

– Drink more water (at least 6-8 large glasses a day)
– Eat 3 pieces of fruit each morning on an empty stomach
– Drink the Alkagizer Mild every day
– Add an EXTRA portion of vegetables at every meal
– Continue removing refined sugars
– Continue removing all grains (rice, wheat etc) and white potato
– Continue removing dairy (and all byproducts)
Remove Food additives, Nicotine, Alcohol and Caffeine

The enhancement for Week 6 was kinda expected too and we started during the buffer zone (for the first time). More on that in next weeks post!

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