You can e-mail me using the below form if you wish to contact me personally. I am highly engaged in the technology and start-up ecosystem in Malaysia and Singapore and also SCUBA Diving, gadgets and photography regionally.

Also of course the Information Security scene globally, as the founder of and an active blogger in the scene, I regularly give opinions to Sky News, the BBC and various print publications.

I also REALLY love Craft Beer!

You can find some of Media Coverage here, including television & radio appearances, newspaper credits for photographs, interviews & mentions and here you can find my talks given (those that were recorded). You can view my professional resume here on LinkedIn and a professional summary and stream of items I publish on here.

If you are running any type of campaign, want to invite me to a restaurant or want to carry out some kind of barter trade please contact my blog managers here: Shaolintiger – Bloggerati.

We will be more than happy to assist and collaborate to find an ideal solution that suits us both.

If you are from a PR agency please read this before sending me an e-mail starting “Dear Editor”:

The Problem With PR (Public Relations) Companies in Malaysia Engaging Bloggers

If you want anything else from me for free/cheap, read this and watch the videos:

The Vendor Client Relationship – In Real Life Situations


Please note I am not a restaurant owner/importer of foreign goods/anything else random or similar, I am just someone who writes about some of these things.

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