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On Sky News Again – Ashley Madison Hack & Leak

So I was on Sky News again recently, this time it was about the Ashley Madison hack and impending leak (which in the end, turned into a real actual leak). For those that don’t know, Ashley Madison is a website that allows people to organise liaisons in extra-marital affairs. Yah, a cheating website. Apparently they […]

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Less Than 4 Minutes On Sky News

Yah, that’s what I appeared for recently haha. I did a short segment on SkyNews regarding the Sony hack and the possibility of it being a North Korean cyber warfare strike. Short segment but I think we covered quite a lot of ground, I’d love to have talked about it a bit more – but […]

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Organizing, Organizing – The Travel Section!

So I realized I haven’t really written about any of my travels since 2009/2010 properly, since I wrote about Sabah in 2008 and one real post since then which was about Pom Pom Island. I have travelled a fair bit since 2010, so I have a lot of posts pending, and a lot of posts […]

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Rebuilding My Site From Scratch

The last time I updated this site (as in the theme and the technology behind it) was way back in June 2006 with Version 3.0. Things have changed a lot since then, and my skills have obviously improved a lot since then. I’m not those people that change themes often and leave them pretty much […]

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My Acting Debut In a Moldovan Music Video For Carla’s Dreams P.O.H.U.I

So between Christmas and New Year, I did a bit of video shooting one Sunday afternoon. It was fun, had to be all serious and shit – I got hooked up through my colleague and almost everyone in the video is a colleague of mine. Right now it has about 38,000 views on Youtube and […]

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Happy 34th Birthday To Me!

Yah it’s my birthday again – wooohoo! This is actually a scheduled post, because right now I’m somewhere in the World – and it’s a surprise (this was written March 18th and I have no idea where I’m going). I guess you’ll most likely see where I’m headed on Twitter, so follow me there – […]

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Merry Xmas For 2011 – What A YEAR!

I hope you all have a wonderfully joyful christmas and a very happy new year, I know those of you coming to our inagural xmas feast will surely be having the best xmas EVAR! We somehow ended up cooking a sit-down dinner for 22 people, we really wanted to move into the new house in […]

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Happy Chinese New Year! HUAT AR!

Happy Chinese New Year 2011! Wishing you all a glorious, healthy, prosperous and happy year of the Rabbit! HUAT AR!

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Happy New Year 2011!

Happy new year! Man this year has flown by fast, before you know it – it’s 2011 already. It’s been a hard but fruitful year in many ways. Spend pretty much the whole of it being broke because of the new house. But that’s pretty much sorted now, still a lot of bills to pay […]

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Merry Christmas 2010!

Just want to wish you all a Merry Xmas for 2010, I apologise for the lack of updates recently – but I’ve been super-duper insanely busy. I’ve hardly had time to be at the computer at all. Here’s a hand-made xmas card my Mom sent me all the way from the UK – thanks Mom! […]

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