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Food, movies and even MORE food!

Friday was a big blur, all day watching presentations..*yawn* Was a long and tiring day, 13 30 minute presentations with Q and A’s too, I managed to ask everyone a question they couldn’t answer though, so that was my job done 馃檪 Friday night just had dinner, went online to chat for a while and […]

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Sun, Sand, Sea and Smiles…

Ok I meant to write this yesterday but I was busy writing the stupid question paper hehe..Oh well I finally finished it at 2.30am…so I’m kind of tired now *yawn* Was in an excellent mood again yesterday and had a good nights sleep with some nice peaceful dreams, which makes a change hahaha.. Went out […]

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Drunk, drunk and happy?!?

OMG…I sniffed a beer and got dizzy.. No really I’m actually drunk and I feel good, I’m in a great mood..partially because of unleashing my fury in that weird post last night (), partially because I’m drunk for the first time in almost a month () and partially because of some other things.. WOW, what […]

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Brunei…OMG Another 4 weeks..

More pertinent to the title…another 4 .. Ok I just finished my first weekend here…let me rephrase that..I just my first weekend here. That’s what it felt like anyone, I was left feeling like my sanity was only hanging on by an almost translucently fine thread.. If I have to spent another weekend in that […]

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Brunei….Part II

Ok well it’s not so bad here.. Had lunch at the only shopping mall in Brunei…it seems ok, food was lousy though, seems like a recurring theme here…they seem obsessed with Salt, everything is damn salty At least they have a cinema there and some pirated DVD’s so I can get something to watch whilst […]

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The Punishment Post…

Oh well..I’m not sure I’ll be able to post anything for a while.. I have been posted to Brunei, it’s possible the quietest place I’ve ever been. I have to keep the TV on full blast just to keep myself from going crazy from the lack of sound.. The food is exceedingly mediocre..There is alchohol, […]

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