Brunei….Part II

Ok well it’s not so bad here..

Had lunch at the only shopping mall in Brunei…it seems ok, food was lousy though, seems like a recurring theme here…they seem obsessed with Salt, everything is damn salty

At least they have a cinema there and some pirated DVD’s so I can get something to watch whilst I’m wasting my hours here.

We usually eat at an Indian resturant…as the guys I stay with are Indians, and well let’s say it’s putting me off Indian food…super salty Indian food at least..

I had a great Sharwarma last night though, there is some good Arabic food here with plenty of kebabs.

Went to play pool last night also…(HELLO A POOL PLACE YOU CAN’T SMOKE IN?? WTF)..

No competition really, beat everyone in a row…so was a bit boring, after that went to watch Taxi as outlined below, pretty funny movie.

People just tend to ‘lepak’ (hang out) here..and modify their cars, there’s like a HUGE max power scene going on. My observation is there’s really nothing much else to spend your money on…the houses are huge, the cars are PHAT (I’ve never seen so many tuned Subaru[/url]‘s, but I’ve yet to see an EVO) and that’s about it..

Few people gaming here…mosty C&C though *yawn*

Anyway that’s that for now…training starts tommorow and I got back late last night by Brunei standards so I need to sleep..(8am start here is normal..)

If you wish to know more about Brunei you can find out here:

Brunei Government[/url]
CIA Factbook




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