Me Moms..

Me Moms
Mom enjoying the super awesome Lan Je steamed fish

My mother has been here since January 22nd, a glorious 6 weeks! We didn’t do anything super exciting this year like our 2006 Cambodia trip or the 2008 Sabah trip.

We did get up to Genting a few times, and had a truly awesome 4 days in Penang (with a pit-stop in Ipoh on both legs of the journey) and spent a fare amount of time pottering around the house. Mom spent a lot of time fully utilising our kitchen and baking up a storm (meringues to die for!).

It’s hard living 15,000km from your mother sometimes – but then it’s just the way it is, well at least the way I chose it to be. I’m glad Air Asia X is giving her a cheaper way to travel to Malaysia from England and of course also giving us a cheaper way to get from here over to the UK.

It’s been 2 years since I’ve seen her, due to a lot of factors – but mostly because she was ill and because we were saving for the house we really didn’t have the money to travel. Glad that she’s looking better and she’s off all medication now so she can start getting fitter again!

I hope we can get over to UK before the end of 2011 and we can resume our seeing each other twice a year pattern.

That would be nice 🙂




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One Response to Me Moms..

  1. Heng June 9, 2011 at 4:11 pm #

    i miss home as well. Its funny that we choose to live 15,000km away. You’re englishman in malaysian, i am malaysian in UK. 🙂

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