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Easy but DELICIOUS Meatloaf Recipe

I keep forgetting my own recipe, so I’m gonna note it down here and it’s been a looooong time since I’ve done a cooking/food post on here (probably like 2005) – so here we go. I’ve never really had a meatloaf I liked, and I always thought meatloaf must be something good because the yanks […]

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No Fuss Chicken Fajitas by Old El-Paso – Tex-Mex at Home!

Sometimes I love to have some good tex-mex food, fakeplan americanised mexican food. Something akin to what Chili’s and TGIF serve on a daily basis, sometimes I just don’t want to go out though and I certainly don’t want to spend a small fortune. If you want something similar you can go to Cold Storage […]

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Simple Pesto Pasta and Steamed Puddings!

Sometimes I just want to eat something simple and not so rich, I was wondering what to eat..then I remembered an easy dish I often to used to cook back in the UK. Pesto Pasta! You need some spaghetti (my pasta of choice, but it works fine with others), which you chuck in a pan […]

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Cooking Sausages and Mash at home!

Ok so I’m back from my little trip.. I’m lazy to write about my trip now and sort out all the photos so I’ll do that later…and all the AWESOME food I had, so now I’ll blog about something I made for dinner just before I left.. When I came back from UK, I smuggled […]

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ShaolinTiger is Making the Curry

This is true…check it out: Back in UK I used to be known as king of curry, I haven’t made a curry for a long time tho, so I was having some kinda cravings, so I decided to see if I was still up to making a mouth-watering pot of spicy love. If you […]

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Bangers & Mash with Onion Gravy + Homemade Apple Pie!

Ok I’m back! I’ve been kind of busy with the Blogathon, which was a minor success (Although come on people, less than 100 pledges, each of us has at least 1000 regular readers.. Anyway thanks to everyone for their support! Settled back in, now to resume where I left off, only a couple more dishes […]

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English Breakfast – JUST WHAT I NEEDED!

So after sleeping like a zombie for 14 hours I crawled out of bed and took a shower.. Take a shower is quite an experience here, like in Malaysia you take a shower to cool down, when you take a shower here, the temperature is about 15 degrees so as soon as you step out […]

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