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Singapore Trip – Village Hotel Changi & Village Hotel Katong

So in January 2016 I headed down to Singapore for Applehops Beer Bash, celebrating their 2nd anniversary. Obviously being in Singapore for a few days, I needed somewhere to stay! For the first couple of days I stayed at Village Hotel Changi which is a beautiful peaceful retreat on the North East coast of Singapore […]

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Bangkok – Our Favourite City in Asia? And Some Tips

So yah, Bangkok..I was supposed to write this post back in 2011 sometime I guess haha, I started with 1 picture in October 2011 but it got kinda stuck there. We really love Bangkok, we’ve been back a couple of times since – but this was our first trip so it was kind of special […]

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SCUBA Diving At Pom Pom Island, Sabah – Malaysia

So in the first part of this trip I wrote about getting to Pom Pom, our experience there, the food, the resort and so on. But obviously we went there for diving! So how was SCUBA diving at Pom Pom island? I didn’t have the best start, gearing up for the first BCD back […]

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Koh Lipe, Thailand – A Peaceful Paradise

So a while back, a bunch of decided to head to Koh Lipe for a beach getaway and probably a bit of SCUBA Diving too, it was a great trip (where I finally managed to propose to my lovely wife Kim) and we had loads of fun. Also been thinking about going there again, so […]

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Organizing, Organizing – The Travel Section!

So I realized I haven’t really written about any of my travels since 2009/2010 properly, since I wrote about Sabah in 2008 and one real post since then which was about Pom Pom Island. I have travelled a fair bit since 2010, so I have a lot of posts pending, and a lot of posts […]

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Epic Eurotrip Time!

Just spent a few days in London seeing the sights and eating some awesome food. Now am at Dover ferry port in the middle of the night to catch a ferry to Calais, in France. My first ever time taking this trip. After that we have an epic drive around Europe something like the map […]

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Visiting Celebes Beach Resort at Pom Pom Island, Sabah – Malaysia

So we found out about this place called Pom Pom Island last year at MIDE (Malaysian International Dive Expo), I’d honestly never heard of it before and couldn’t even point to a region on the map where I thought it might be. It turns out, it’s in Sabah, about 30 mins boat road from Semporna, […]

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Pom Pom Island – Sabah, Malaysia

What an amazing place! Pretty sure I’ll write about this trip (for once) because I had such a GOOD time! Truly a paradise, crystal clear turquoise waters, amazing diving, great company, breathtaking sunsets – brilliant! More soon.

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Went To Bali For My 35th Birthday!

So it turns out for my 35th birthday, my wifey took me to Bali! Never been there before and always wanted to go. Pretty interesting place, although next time I’d probably choose to stay in Seminyank or Ubud rather than Kuta, it was good to see the place though. Food there is pretty awesome, it […]

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Getting Old – Turning 35 Today – Happy Birthday To Me!

Well another year has gone by, big year it was – with me getting married and all. Today, March 21st 2013 I have been on this earth for 35 eventful years. I’m not actually posting this right now, as one again (just like last year) my beautiful wife is taking me on a surprise vacation […]

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