Went To Bali For My 35th Birthday!

So it turns out for my 35th birthday, my wifey took me to Bali! Never been there before and always wanted to go.

Pretty interesting place, although next time I’d probably choose to stay in Seminyank or Ubud rather than Kuta, it was good to see the place though. Food there is pretty awesome, it was spectacularly hot when we went though.

Got to try a few local craft beers, but I couldn’t find Storm anywhere, ended up with some Stark though – which was decent.

Tanah Lot Sunset
This is the sunset from the famous temple Tanah Lot.

I’d definitely like to go again and spend some time exploring the place further, plus of course I really want to go diving there 🙂

So many other places to go though, arghhh – need more time and more money!




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One Response to Went To Bali For My 35th Birthday!

  1. JD April 2, 2013 at 4:40 pm #

    Went there for my honeymoon 5 years back and yeah if given a choice, will stay at better places with nicer beaches. Kuta my thoughts are too crowded and it’s no difference than the PD that we have here.

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