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Fort Santiago – The Walled City of Intramuros, Manila

After a good night out, I got up at lunchtime and headed out with Bryanboy to Intramuros, the walled city and Fort Santiago. The location of this site was also once the palace and kingdom of Rajah Suliman, chieftain of Manila. It was destroyed by the conquistadors upon arriving in 1570, encountering several bloody battles […]

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Sunny Manila & A Night Out With Bryanboy (AGAIN!)

Got to KLIA nice and early, even with the horrific traffic near Sierramas (stupid flyover has to be torn down). Had an interesting breakfast, and started on my book, Midnight Cowboy (will review seperately later). Arrived in Ninoy Aquino without any trouble and passed through immigration fairly fast. (more…)

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Philippines part II – A night out with BryanBoy!

Yeah! Sorry for the lack of pictures in the previous post, I didn’t actually manage to get out much, and it was a short trip, so those were the best of the lot. Gives me an incentive to go back again I guess 馃槈 I met up with the famous fabulous superstar Bryanboy[/url] in Manila […]

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Philippines pretty much SUCKED! – No…

Of course I wouldn’t say something like that, Manila was cool! I went there for a few days on a business trip to conduct some audits, the call centre industry over there is huge, apparently there are over 100,000 people in the Metro Manila area working call centres, I guess their accents are a lot […]

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