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Another Day in Colombo

I tried to take some pictures…but the stark contrast between the freezing cold hotel and the volcanic heat outside meant the internal lens on my camera got covered in condensation.. So well, I have some nice misty pictures reminiscent of Genting.. I will have to stay outside a little longer next time to let the […]

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The Earthquake – From Colombo..

Here I am in the beautiful city of Colombo, and another disaster almost occurs.. A reported near to 9.0 richter scale quake.. I am ok, I am alive, I didn’t feel a thing.. I did however get flooded with SMS, thanks everyone..I appreciate the concern, sincerely. I don’t believe the quake caused any Tsunamic activity. […]

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The Jakarta Trip – With Pictures!

So here are my observations and pictures from Jakarta.. Am back in the land of the civilised now… So Sunday night I got home late and packed my things before crashing out.. As I mentioned the airport was very ‘rural’…and empty I arrived at the hotel, a modest affair, the Arcadia[/url] (under Ibis[/url]) The room […]

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Jakarta Trip

Am in Jakarta now and my Internet access will be limited as the hotels here don’t have broadband in the rooms.. I arrived last night to a typically disorderly immigration check-in, they have imposed a new regulation where you need to purchase a visa on arrival for 25USD. Also Asia Air only allows 15kg check-in […]

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Food, movies and even MORE food!

Friday was a big blur, all day watching presentations..*yawn* Was a long and tiring day, 13 30 minute presentations with Q and A’s too, I managed to ask everyone a question they couldn’t answer though, so that was my job done 🙂 Friday night just had dinner, went online to chat for a while and […]

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Sun, Sand, Sea and Smiles…

Ok I meant to write this yesterday but I was busy writing the stupid question paper hehe..Oh well I finally finished it at 2.30am…so I’m kind of tired now *yawn* Was in an excellent mood again yesterday and had a good nights sleep with some nice peaceful dreams, which makes a change hahaha.. Went out […]

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Drunk, drunk and happy?!?

OMG…I sniffed a beer and got dizzy.. No really I’m actually drunk and I feel good, I’m in a great mood..partially because of unleashing my fury in that weird post last night (), partially because I’m drunk for the first time in almost a month () and partially because of some other things.. WOW, what […]

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Hmm…Call me globe hopping Sultan hand shaker?

Oh well I have a fair amount of stuff to ramble on about.. So I better get started.. Today was another normal day in Brunei for the most part, I had to get up in the middle of the night (7am) and go to class.. My student picked me up in a new car…Mitsubishi Airtrek […]

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Brunei…OMG Another 4 weeks..

More pertinent to the title…another 4 .. Ok I just finished my first weekend here…let me rephrase that..I just my first weekend here. That’s what it felt like anyone, I was left feeling like my sanity was only hanging on by an almost translucently fine thread.. If I have to spent another weekend in that […]

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Brunei….Part II

Ok well it’s not so bad here.. Had lunch at the only shopping mall in Brunei…it seems ok, food was lousy though, seems like a recurring theme here…they seem obsessed with Salt, everything is damn salty At least they have a cinema there and some pirated DVD’s so I can get something to watch whilst […]

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