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Stop-over in Amsterdam – Hardcore porn anyone?!?

Ok so I’m in Amsterdam, Schiphol Aiport to be exact. I left to KLIA last night only to find out the plane was delayed 1 hour 20 minutes because of a connecting flight from Jakarta, luckily I managed to jack some free WiFi near KFC…. …and had a few smokes, the time passed fast enough. […]

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Leaving on a Jet Plane.. (To UK)

Don’t know when I’ll be back again.. No, not really I’ll be back on August 3rd, I’m heading back to UK for a deserved break and to see my family, which I haven’t done for about a year… Service may be intermittent for the next 8-10 days as the day I get back I have […]

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Tioman, Salang Indah – First Dive of the Season

As I mentioned in my last post, my friends were heading to Tioman[/url] on Friday night after work, so I tagged along.. I dutifully went to work on Friday, finished a bit early to beat the jam, came home and prepared my stuff.. Knocked out a couple of games of DOTA, then headed off to […]

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Kandy, Sri Lanka – The Hill City

I’m stuck writing reports, more reports and more reports…argh save me.. Well I finally got out of the hotel for a change on Sunday, it was a nice clear day, which was good. We headed up to , the hill city. The main attraction I think is the Tooth Temple (Dalada Maligawa) and the cooler […]

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Sunday walk down the beach in Colombo

So my camera screwed up on Saturday, no pictures 🙁 I formatted the memory card and put fresh batteries in and it seemed ok so I headed out for a walk along the beach after grabbing lunch in the hotel (Tandoori chicken sandwich). Oops..forgot about writing this, got carried away clearing up my photos..taking up […]

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A Saturday in Colombo

Ok so I crashed out Friday night after indulging in some more room service and watching some more crappy moves on HBO/Cinemax/Star Movies.. Those channels are nice for about a week, then after that you are stuck with the same movies you’ve already watched a few days previously.. Occasionally a new one springs up that’s […]

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The Best Seafood Restaurant in the World? Beach Wadiya

So some people say.. Let’s me give you some more lowdown on Sri Lanka, those of you from Malaysia I’m sure you’re aware most of the crabs we eat there are actually Sri Lankan. Cheap and tasty, so where better to gorge yourself on seafood than the home of said crabs. So the weekend arrives, […]

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Another Day in Colombo

I tried to take some pictures…but the stark contrast between the freezing cold hotel and the volcanic heat outside meant the internal lens on my camera got covered in condensation.. So well, I have some nice misty pictures reminiscent of Genting.. I will have to stay outside a little longer next time to let the […]

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The Earthquake – From Colombo..

Here I am in the beautiful city of Colombo, and another disaster almost occurs.. A reported near to 9.0 richter scale quake.. I am ok, I am alive, I didn’t feel a thing.. I did however get flooded with SMS, thanks everyone..I appreciate the concern, sincerely. I don’t believe the quake caused any Tsunamic activity. […]

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The Jakarta Trip – With Pictures!

So here are my observations and pictures from Jakarta.. Am back in the land of the civilised now… So Sunday night I got home late and packed my things before crashing out.. As I mentioned the airport was very ‘rural’…and empty I arrived at the hotel, a modest affair, the Arcadia[/url] (under Ibis[/url]) The room […]

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