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Happy 6th Birthday To My Blog!

6 long years ago on October 19th, 2004 I made the first post on this blog – which started the legacy that is still here now. Yes – 1,209 Posts, 16,723 Comments, 6,081 Tags & 25 Categories later and I’m still here 🙂 Blogging has been an interesting journey and one that is not over […]

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Selamat Hari Raya For 2010

Just want to take this opportunity to wish everyone Selamat Hari Raya and Happy Eid! If you are driving off anywhere, please do make sure your car/tyres etc are in good condition and drive safely. Take a rest if you are feeling sleepy. If you are sticking around KL, enjoy the empty roads! And remember, […]

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My Face in Hi-Def Courtesy of Astro B.Yond HD TV

As I mentioned in the previous post (Astro B.yond Bloggers Night — Hartamas), Astro actually made a video TVC in hi-def featuring bloggers to promote the new Astro B.yond service. This picture was taken when the played the video at the event. Now the whole video is up on Youtube in HD glory, enjoy it […]

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Picture Published In The Star Today – Without Credit

Once again The Star does what it seems to do consistently, publish a picture without any credit at all. Unlike the Malay Mail who published a blog article of mine without permission then printed an apology. This issue with The Star has also been discussed in depth on Shutter Asia: Malaysian Newspapers and Photo Credits […]

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Discover Smile Zoom Malaysia – Starring Me!

If you’ve watched any of the Media Prima channels lately (NTV7, 8TV) you will have seen ads for this program, most likely featuring me! Apparently I was also in the first introductory episode, but I missed that one. My episode was aired on Wednesday August 26th at 9.30pm on 8TV along with my excellent team […]

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Published In The Malay Mail (Without Permisson)

Well today David Lian and I were published in the Malay Mail (without permission). Battling for the Internet mind The article is about PR and bloggers of course and they published both of our articles side-by-side (and made David look like a Simpsons character). They did infringe our copyright by taking these articles (and even […]

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FHM August 2008 – Featuring the Red Bull Rookies

Finally my first proper magazine spread, I was so excited to get the mag from the shop – it’s a good issue too with the 100 most wanted women. FHM Malaysia may not be as racy as some of the other publications in Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia but they are doing what they can and […]

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I’m a TV Star – I was on NTV7 Venus

I just remember I hadn’t posted about this as I was at the building management office paying for my car-parking and the fella asked if I was on NTV7 Venus a while ago.. So yes I was! On May 30th I was on an edition about Public Transport and Taxis. The regular host is Aishah […]

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Just passed 1 Million Unique Visits! & The power of GOSSIP (DJ Montano & Celine Lopez)

As of now (since I installed the sitemeter) this site has welcomed 1,000,723 unique visitors with 1,845,073 page views. That’s quite a sum! Also check this out, especially for fans of Gossip…a scandal in the socialite Metro Manila world – I’ve met some of the characters in the blog before and I’ve been to the […]

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Not Posting Today

In protest of no-one commenting on my entries…….NOT ENOUGH COMMENTS PEOPLE! Come on you should know bloggers are comment whores, we thrive on comments…even though I see the page views, the unique visits….you are here, you are reading, watching, stalking.. Stop being silent, say something, say my post sucks, my pictures are bad….anything. Anyway if […]

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