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Picture Published In The Star Today – Without Credit

Once again The Star does what it seems to do consistently, publish a picture without any credit at all. Unlike the Malay Mail who published a blog article of mine without permission then printed an apology. This issue with The Star has also been discussed in depth on Shutter Asia: Malaysian Newspapers and Photo Credits […]

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Apology From Malay Mail For Publishing Without Permission

Ok so last week my article about PR and bloggers together with David’s article was published in the Malay Mail without permission. I wrote a fairly strongly worded e-mail to the Malay Mail to question their behavior and asked what they planned to do about the copyright infringement. Surprisingly they replied quickly, politely and professionally […]

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Published In The Malay Mail (Without Permisson)

Well today David Lian and I were published in the Malay Mail (without permission). Battling for the Internet mind The article is about PR and bloggers of course and they published both of our articles side-by-side (and made David look like a Simpsons character). They did infringe our copyright by taking these articles (and even […]

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Being in The Star – Brings 0 Traffic

Well it’s not the first time in my paper, so far I’ve been in The Star, NST and Malay Mail and all result in the same thing, no spikes, no big surge, no extra traffic. Especially if the article is one from In-Tech, it definitely leads to no extra traffic. I got a bigger peak […]

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The State of Traditional Media and Newspapers in Malaysia

Smart people don’t seem to read the local newspapers, nor any businessmen worth their salt (The Edge anyone?). As they are all pretty much biased, washed out tabloid trash. Smart people read news online (BBC, CNN, Malaysiakini, Jeff Ooi) or read foreign papers, even those papers such as The Times of India are much better. […]

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