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Being in The Star – Brings 0 Traffic

Well it’s not the first time in my paper, so far I’ve been in The Star, NST and Malay Mail and all result in the same thing, no spikes, no big surge, no extra traffic. Especially if the article is one from In-Tech, it definitely leads to no extra traffic. I got a bigger peak […]

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I got digged – The digg effect

So I woke up this morning bleary eyed to check my sites/stats/etc as I normally do and I noticed quite a lot of users online.. This is normal though, sometimes I get hit by trackback spambots and have 50-60 users online, but this time, they were legitimate, and all looking at the same story – […]

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Blogging Tools

I’ve updated the site bar a bit and added all the blogging tools and sites I find useful. I discovered a new one yesterday, , it’s basically a rip-off of . You should as it’s new you’ll get a good downline and basically earn credits from other people surfing. So what have I found useful. […]

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