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How to have a l33t green DOS prompt like a h4x0r

Now whenever I spring out the DOS prompt in Windows and someone sees it they are like ZOMG that’s cool – cos my font is green like the h4x0r style. I use the command prompt quite often still for pinging, ipconfig stuff, the odd traceroute and the lousy Win32 version of Nmap, if you don’t […]

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Ronald Jenkees Rocks the Keyboard – GENIUS!

Man Ronald Jenkees totally rocks the keyboard and as a matter of fact he totally rocks the Internets too. If you don’t know who is he, you need to find out. ALL YOUR MUSICS ARE BELONG TO RONALD! “Hello Youtubes! I got a beat right now, and I feel like it’s on FIRE” He’s a […]

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God of Guitar Hero 2

Guitar Hero II ROCKS! I was skeptical this game would be any good, but it’s actually fantastic! It’s really really addictive too, I’m actually tempted to buy the guitar controller to play it as it’s impossible to do hard and extreme well with the control pad. And yes I am God! This is on Medium. […]

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Information Security Certifications – L33t H4x0ring!

It’s about I got myself a new cert, it’s almost a year since I got myself OPST Certified.. OPST stands for OSSTMM Professional Security Tester, recursive eh? OSSTMM stands for Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual. If you’ve never heard of the OSSTMM, you don’t really need this cert 😉 The OPST is a certification […]

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A small change to WordPress to make WHOIS International

I had a problem with wordpress when I first started using it, being based in Asia most of my commenters are from this region, mainly Malaysia. So when I tried to look up the commenters IP addresses in WordPress, I didn’t get any information because it defaults to ARIN (The American Registry) to lookup the […]

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I got digged – The digg effect

So I woke up this morning bleary eyed to check my sites/stats/etc as I normally do and I noticed quite a lot of users online.. This is normal though, sometimes I get hit by trackback spambots and have 50-60 users online, but this time, they were legitimate, and all looking at the same story – […]

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My Poor old Logitech MX700 Has Gone Rusty!

Man my poor old trust Logitech MX700 is finally starting to give up the ghost, I’ve had this mouse for AGES, it replaced my first optical mouse the MS Intellimouse (Yeah I think MS Software sucks, but they make REALLY nice peripherals). After that gave up and bit the bullet, I treated myself to a […]

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Best Keyboard in the World EVAR – Optimus

Man this is really awesome, like TOTALLY OMGBBQWTF AWESOME. Seriously, every geeks dream, the LED powered keyboard.

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