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Web Application Security – DevFest + GDay George Town 2016

Recently I was invited down to Penang for DevFest + GDay George Town 2016 to give a talk on Web Application Security. This is my 3rd year in a row attending (for a panel and last year a talk) and this year I managed to record (most of) my talk with my own camera. The […]

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An Introduction To Information Security – OpenCoffeeClubKL #31

So I gave a talk about infosec stuff in July at OpenCoffeeClub KL, as it’s what I used to do for a living – people were always asking me to share a little more about it. The timing is a little odd again, as it happens. In 2011 I did 2 talks in the same […]

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The KGB, CIA, Computer and Me – Cliff Stoll

This one is for all the geeks, if you’ve been into tech for a long time you’ve probably heard of Cliff Stoll and his book The Cuckoo’s Egg and his paper Stalking The Wiley Hacker. PBS made “Nova” dramatization of his book starring Cliff himself called “The KGB, CIA, Computer and Me”, and someone has […]

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How to have a l33t green DOS prompt like a h4x0r

Now whenever I spring out the DOS prompt in Windows and someone sees it they are like ZOMG that’s cool – cos my font is green like the h4x0r style. I use the command prompt quite often still for pinging, ipconfig stuff, the odd traceroute and the lousy Win32 version of Nmap, if you don’t […]

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Converting bBlog 0.76 to WordPress 2.0 (Import/Export) Script

I had this hanging around for a while so I thought I may aswell publish it. I tried quite a few import scripts to get my posts and comments from my old bBlog install over to my new WordPress 2.0.1 installation, but none of them worked properly. I found one in php which worked for […]

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I h4x0red The ATM!

Yah I did… Sadly it didn’t pour out loads of money..it just told me the resolution I was using was too low. Can you believe ATMs are using Windows XP? No wonder they are down so often…. What happened to OSes built in Assembly and Embedded Device Operating Systems?!

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