An Introduction To Information Security – OpenCoffeeClubKL #31

So I gave a talk about infosec stuff in July at OpenCoffeeClub KL, as it’s what I used to do for a living – people were always asking me to share a little more about it.

The timing is a little odd again, as it happens. In 2011 I did 2 talks in the same month, 1 on WordPress (High Performance WordPress – Scaling, Tuning, Optimizing & More) & one which was more random (The History Of The Future at WebCamp KL).

In 2012 I ended up doing 2 presentations in the same week (actually on 2 consecutive days), and once again the first was technical and the second a bit more random.

The first one was about MongoDB and was for the KL Mongo User Group AKA KL MUGHigh Availability MongoDB & Replica Sets – A How To & Kinda Tutorial.

The second was to a bunch of copywriters about blogging – Blogging WTF? At The Last Word KL – A Meeting For Copywriters.

I guess I skipped on 2013, and here I am in 2014 – giving 2 talks almost in the same month again, the first being this one actually and the second was Building Scalable Web Apps – LVL.UP KL – July 2014

My talk was about 15 minutes and titled “Introduction to Information Security” – which covers some basics on what Information Security is, how it can impact your business and some tips on how to mitigate against risk.

An Introduction To Information Security

Here are the slides:

And the video (the front got cut off slightly – but nothing important, only when I was talking about myself):

So yah, an introduction to infosec – if you do have any further questions drop them in the comments below!

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