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Facebook Like Box Button Flyout Getting Cut Off – Woothemes Canvas

I’ve had this problem with a few themes, most recently with Woothemes Canvas and the social sharing plugin Digg Digg. Having used Digg Digg many times, and never having had this problem before I was a little confused. I tried dozens of tweaks in the css to try and fix it, tried all the different […]

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Installing WordPress In A Sub-Directory Using nginx

So I had this issue recently, I had a WordPress site on the main domain, and another WordPress install for some member stuff in a subdirectory/folder inside the main install. The main site worked fine, and the admin panel etc. But when you tried to change the Permalinks, everything got a 404 error. I noticed […]

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High Performance WordPress – Scaling, Tuning, Optimizing & More

So this past weekend I gave a (nearly) 2 hour talk on High Performance WordPress at Wordconf KL 2011 – it’s a commonly asked question and a lot of people run WordPress but are clueless when it comes to tuning or optimizing their setup. The talk I gave was pretty technical and in point form, […]

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WordPress Back To Default Install State – wp_options Table Corrupted

If you read my blog every day or so you may have noticed a couple of times in the past week or so it just showed the default WordPress installation screen. Some people seem to think they’ve been hacked when they see this screen as it indicates the database is totally gone. The most common […]

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Welcome to ShaolinTiger.Com Version 3 – Web2.0 Style

Yah so I finally got around to revamping this site, I’ve been meaning to do it for ages, I was still using WordPress 2.0.10 and hadn’t even moved up to 2.2 branch yet. Plus I was getting really bored of the old Chinese takeaway font header and the whole thing was too cluttered, it was […]

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A small change to WordPress to make WHOIS International

I had a problem with wordpress when I first started using it, being based in Asia most of my commenters are from this region, mainly Malaysia. So when I tried to look up the commenters IP addresses in WordPress, I didn’t get any information because it defaults to ARIN (The American Registry) to lookup the […]

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I got digged – The digg effect

So I woke up this morning bleary eyed to check my sites/stats/etc as I normally do and I noticed quite a lot of users online.. This is normal though, sometimes I get hit by trackback spambots and have 50-60 users online, but this time, they were legitimate, and all looking at the same story – […]

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How to use RSS Feeds on your WordPress Site

Well I’ve had the capability to do this for quite some time, but I didn’t bother before now, as I didn’t really want a load of pages no one ever looked at before about viruses, security news and so on as now I can just use my customisable Google homepage to keep an eye on […]

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Search/Find and Replace Using phpMyAdmin and MySQL

I’ve had to do this quite a few times lately seen as though I moved from bBlog to WordPress, there were some things I wanted to change, for example all posts that references /contact.php I wanted to change to /contact/ to fit the new permalink structure.

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So here we are, New Look for 2006! Happy New Year

New look, new WordPress 2.0, goodbye bBlog, you served me well.. Couldn’t handle the spam any more though sorry. It was progressing pretty well, and I loved the Smarty templates, but well it wasn’t going fast enough and as many hacks as I could put in, it was just too simplistic to get into shape. […]

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