Building Scalable Web Apps – LVL.UP KL – July 2014

So the most recent LVL.UP KL meeting was about Internet Architecture (my speciality! yay) – and we had an amazing line-up of speakers – plus me.

Building Scalable Web Apps

It wasn’t my most coherent talk, due to my wife just giving birth (7 weeks early..) – so I was pretty tired and did the slides at 5am – not that should be an excuse haha. My talk was about Building Scalable Web Apps which covered a basic intro to scalability, 5 things to consider/think about and 5 things you can do to build at scale.

Anyway here are the slides:

I’m just sad my animated GIFs didn’t work in the live preso or on Slideshare – bah!

And the video of the talk:

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