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Converting bBlog 0.76 to WordPress 2.0 (Import/Export) Script

I had this hanging around for a while so I thought I may aswell publish it. I tried quite a few import scripts to get my posts and comments from my old bBlog install over to my new WordPress 2.0.1 installation, but none of them worked properly. I found one in php which worked for […]

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PHP File buffer

Ok, so it has been said that normal posts here are “techy DIY” so I’ll give that a go. Recently I have been working on a template engine, its not just varable replacement, its more for the back end and controls the way the site is built, not just the way it looks. There are […]

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Search/Find and Replace Using phpMyAdmin and MySQL

I’ve had to do this quite a few times lately seen as though I moved from bBlog to WordPress, there were some things I wanted to change, for example all posts that references /contact.php I wanted to change to /contact/ to fit the new permalink structure.

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