Ronald Jenkees Rocks the Keyboard – GENIUS!

Man Ronald Jenkees totally rocks the keyboard and as a matter of fact he totally rocks the Internets too. If you don’t know who is he, you need to find out.


“Hello Youtubes! I got a beat right now, and I feel like it’s on FIRE”

Ronald Jenkees

He’s a Youtube musical phenomena, you can check out his Youtube channel here:

Ronald Jenkees on Youtube (Over 7000 YouTube subscribers)

He’s basically taken Youtube and some parts of the Internet by storm with his funky keyboard based solos, totally produced form his own home with just a Korg Triton and a PC loaded with FL Studio.

Ronald IS a musical genius.

He’s been putting his stuff out Youtube for quite a while and more recently in MP3 format, you can buy his MP3’s at his site here:

Ronald Jenkees Music Store

But he recently released his real self-titled physical album, so I bought one of those! $17 USD payable via Paypal including P+P.

You can buy one here:

Ronald Jenkees CD Store

I support this guy fully as he’s no scam artist, no one is taking a big cut of his pie, he’s writing, producing, playing, marketing and distributing his own music. That gets my utmost respect.

I don’t even know what his style is, something like electro funk rap with some remixed like Rocky and Canon in D.

The CD just came in the post yesterday and I’ve been listening to it all day, Track #1, #10 and the 56k Rap totally rock my socks.

Ronald Jenkees and Me

And yes this is the first physical music CD I’ve bought for about 5-6 years, respect to Ronald! It took about 12 days to come and was well packaged!

This is not an advertorial, paid for or sponsored in any way, I didn’t get his CD for free, I paid for it with my own money..




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2 Responses to Ronald Jenkees Rocks the Keyboard – GENIUS!

  1. zeno June 21, 2008 at 3:47 pm #

    I discovered tuis guy on Youtube a while ago, the same afternoon I purchased his album. It was also years ago that i spended money on cd’s. His music is very nice but hearing him is deffinitely not the same as seeing this guy work his keyboard.
    Very cool music!


  2. Kurt March 9, 2009 at 2:08 am #

    Here is the new video for Ronald Jenkees’ “Loui”


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