Lessons to learn in life

Apologies for the late update today…some lessons to learn in life.

1) Look where what you driving over rather than just driving, there might be something sharp on the road.

2) If you hear any funny noises stop your car and check it out, because you might have a big piece of metal stuck in your tyre.

Metal Tyre

3) Always make sure you have the right tools to change your tyre, don’t rely on the crappy wrench that Proton provides because it’ll snap before it loosens the hydraulically tightened wheel nuts.

4) Always make sure your spare tyre has adequate air in it..because if you get a flat and your spare is also flat, it’s somewhat annoying, especially when you have to drive up the NKVE at 40km/h looking for a petrol station to pump your tyre up

I call him Bobby Big Tyre

Bobby Big Tyre

Correctly inflated to 37psi 🙂




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