Royal Selangor Pewter Autumn Season Launch Party

Yah I’m typically late in posting this, due to changing PC and not processing the pictures all…and being a lazy bum etc etc.

Any way, a friend of ours invited us to the Autumn season launch party for Royal Selangor Pewter at their visitor center in Setapak.

So I thought why not, especially with the funky Turkish theme of the Autumn stuff, belly dancers and so on it should be interesting!

You can check out the Autumn Release here.

And well I have to say it rocked, it’s one the best organised ‘corporate’ type parties I’ve been too with a seamless integration of the new ranges of pewter into the environment.

It was also sponsored by Bombay Sapphire, so plenty of booze! Nice funky disco house music too, beautifully lit, good food and nice atmosphere. It was a surprisingly enjoyable night out for a launch!


The food was great with kebabs, houmous and various Turkish type desserts.

Turkish Desserts

And freshly sliced roast lamb with gravy….man that was good.

Roast Lamb

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You can view the full set on Flickr here:

Royal Selangor Pewter – Aug 2007




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