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Apology From Malay Mail For Publishing Without Permission

Ok so last week my article about PR and bloggers together with David’s article was published in the Malay Mail without permission. I wrote a fairly strongly worded e-mail to the Malay Mail to question their behavior and asked what they planned to do about the copyright infringement. Surprisingly they replied quickly, politely and professionally […]

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The Problem With PR (Public Relations) Companies in Malaysia Engaging Bloggers

PR companies in general are so far behind the curve in when it comes to dealing with blogs and bloggers I think some of them haven’t even seen the foothills yet. I whined about them before in 2006 – “Yue May Not Mail Me Anymore” And I got pissed again in 2007 – Sometimes I […]

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Sometimes I HATE PR and Events People

I’ve written about this before some time back, it’s happening less frequently I have to admit..but it still happens. Remember “Yue May Not Mail Me Anymore”, well another occurence happened today. Even worse they had my real e-mail address as I have dealt with the agency before. The agency incidentally who likes to poach jobs […]

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