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Blogging WTF? At The Last Word KL – A Meeting For Copywriters

So a day after I gave a geeky talk – High Availability MongoDB & Replica Sets – A How To & Kinda Tutorial – I gave a much less geeky talk to a bunch of copywriting folk about blogging. I thought I’d share it here, it covers stuff like blogging, the value of blogging as […]

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I should…

There’s a lot of things I should be doing, and a lot of things I am doing – meaning I have to neglect some of the things I should be doing…like blogging! As usual it’s not a case of bloggers block as I have PLENTY of things to write about, I’ve just not had the […]

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Successful Blogging (If You’re Lucky) – Some Tips To Get You Started

A while back FHM asked me to write an article containing some blogging tips (as a part of Project Alpha), I’ve never really blogged about blogging (how to make money, blogging tips, SEO etc) so it was an interesting departure for me. I have written a bunch of technical stuff here, but never something like […]

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Nuffnang vs Advertlets on Google

No comments, just what I see. Advertlets Auto-complete search queries on Google. Nuffnang Auto-complete search queries on Google. Make your own judgments. Recently there was an interesting post about Advertlets from the advertisers perspective by Larry Lim, he’s edited out most of the details though: Advertising With Advertlets Was Just As Bad

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Nuffnang Nokia Silent Halloween Party at Borneo Baruk Club – KL

So Nuffnang arranged another kick-ass party! This time for Halloween with the main sponsor being Nokia, the theme was Silent Halloween – where everyone would be dancing to the tunes pumping from their headphones. Interesting concept eh? Anyway these are the official pictures as Nuffnang was kind enough to offer me the official photographer spot […]

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Not Posting Today

In protest of no-one commenting on my entries…….NOT ENOUGH COMMENTS PEOPLE! Come on you should know bloggers are comment whores, we thrive on comments…even though I see the page views, the unique visits….you are here, you are reading, watching, stalking.. Stop being silent, say something, say my post sucks, my pictures are bad….anything. Anyway if […]

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Happy Anniversary to ShaolinTiger.com!

It’s two years since I’ve been filling the Internet with my bullshit, amazing eh? It was October 19th 2004 when I wrote my first proper post on bBlog, time flies eh? I e-mailed a few people and got comments on my first post, teh awesome! I got deep into bBlog and even did some development […]

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The Amazing Growth of Blogs and Blogging

I have to say I do use Technorati quite a lot, mostly as an ego tool with the nice watchlist Da I can watch “Shaolin Tiger” “ShaolinTiger” and “https://www.shaolintiger.com” to see who is linking me or talking about me. They are doing a great job of tracking the movements in the global blog arena, how […]

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I’m Quitting Blogging

I can’t take all the negative comments any more.. All the horrible e-mails. All the lies. All the jealousy. All the cliques. All the haters. It’s just not worth it.. I Just Can’t Take It Any MORE Better channel all my energy into something better right?

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LiewCF Paying For Traffic to His Blog?

I was browsing PPS last night and came across thia advert for LiewCF and his ‘Tech’ blog. I’ve noticed more and more lately bloggers and informational sites paying to get traffic, from the statistics I’ve seen it will actually make them money. For example they can spend $5 on Adwords and get back $7 in […]

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