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I should…

There’s a lot of things I should be doing, and a lot of things I am doing – meaning I have to neglect some of the things I should be doing…like blogging! As usual it’s not a case of bloggers block as I have PLENTY of things to write about, I’ve just not had the […]

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Hypp.TV Relaunch – Freedom & Choice Just a Click Away

You might remember back in November 2007 I posted about a local video service launching – Hypp.TV. Back when it started it was mostly focused on Football content from the BPL, now they have relaunched with new technology and a lot of new content covering entertainment (with exclusive channels such as WB’s Sorority Forever, Fashion […]

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Checking out Hypp.TV – Local Video Content Finally!

I recently found out about a new initiative from TM called Hypp.TV. Basically it’s a new site delivering free and premium video content on a local platform, which is great for people who are into the whole rich media scene of Web two point oh. I managed to get a free trial and checked it […]

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