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Happy Anniversary to ShaolinTiger.com!

It’s two years since I’ve been filling the Internet with my bullshit, amazing eh? It was October 19th 2004 when I wrote my first proper post on bBlog, time flies eh? I e-mailed a few people and got comments on my first post, teh awesome! I got deep into bBlog and even did some development […]

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Are You Scared Yet?

I found this old real clay mud facial thing in my cupboard when I was cleaning up, so I put it on my face. I guess I’ll be more beautiful after..maybe?! Are you scared yet? (Yes I can Camwhore too..)

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So…Where am I Now?!

Hmm so take a guess, where am I now? My new ride? Optical illusion tower.. Argh…travelling so much gonna be hectic. People that know, obviously aren’t allowed to guess 馃槈

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