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Happy 6th Birthday To My Blog!

6 long years ago on October 19th, 2004 I made the first post on this blog – which started the legacy that is still here now. Yes – 1,209 Posts, 16,723 Comments, 6,081 Tags & 25 Categories later and I’m still here 馃檪 Blogging has been an interesting journey and one that is not over […]

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Just passed 1 Million Unique Visits! & The power of GOSSIP (DJ Montano & Celine Lopez)

As of now (since I installed the sitemeter) this site has welcomed 1,000,723 unique visitors with 1,845,073 page views. That’s quite a sum! Also check this out, especially for fans of Gossip…a scandal in the socialite Metro Manila world – I’ve met some of the characters in the blog before and I’ve been to the […]

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What? Nothing..anything?

Kinda brain dead from all the travelling.. Anything you’d like to see me write about? Any questions you have about anything (me, computers, etc..) Yeah, lazy, give me some inspiration. I guess this is a quiet spell, I’m all written out.

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The Amazing Growth of Blogs and Blogging

I have to say I do use Technorati quite a lot, mostly as an ego tool with the nice watchlist Da I can watch “Shaolin Tiger” “ShaolinTiger” and “https://www.shaolintiger.com” to see who is linking me or talking about me. They are doing a great job of tracking the movements in the global blog arena, how […]

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I’m Quitting Blogging

I can’t take all the negative comments any more.. All the horrible e-mails. All the lies. All the jealousy. All the cliques. All the haters. It’s just not worth it.. I Just Can’t Take It Any MORE Better channel all my energy into something better right?

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BlogExplosion – The Lowdown

? What the hell is that you ask…well it’s a way to generate meaningless guaranteed pseudo-traffic for your blog, by reading other peoples blogs. You can sign up at , click lots of blogs and earn me more credits so random people get to see my random crapola, yay! Pimped from BE: 1. You will […]

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