The Vendor Client Relationship – In Real Life Situations

So true, so good – and sadly, happens so much.

I get this kind of stuff so much during freelance projects it’s ridiculous.

Don’t be that client (agencies are ESPECIALLY bad at this).

Like one that assumed because I’m a blogger, I’d give my pictures away for free (or near enough) for a commercial ad campaign.

When I e-mailed them with a reasonbly cheap quote, they never even had the decency to e-mail me back with a rejection – or anything at all. Pretty disgusting, and prior to me e-mailing the quote, the girl had the gaul to call me and hassle me about using my pictures on a Sunday morning.

Respect people’s time & privacy, from her tone she was basically requesting permission to use my pics without expecting me to ask for payment. And it wasn’t a small agency, for anyone that’s interested it was GroupM.

For the record, ‘exposure’ isn’t worth diddly squat – I’ve been down that road before and all it leads to is more people who want shit for free. Here’s another good one on that topic:

If you want some kinda guidance, you can check out this natty flow chart thing –

So yah, don’t be that client 🙂




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