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I hate that shitty preview shite. Take it off your sites you assholes. IF I WANT TO SEE THE SITE I WILL CLICK ON THE LINK. I don’t want to pop up in my face when I run my cursor over some anchor text so I can see the link location in my status […]

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Taking Back Control

I don’t often talk about my work, or my job, just where I am and what I do outside of work. A while ago I quit my job, I couldn’t stand it any more, there were many reasons why, some I might go into here some I might not. One of the main reasons was […]

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Streamyx Sucks AGAIN

AHGRH!H!H! Meant to post some more pics over the weekend, got lots to do…but Streamyx was down since 11am Saturday morning. Until now. I called them twice, apparently they are having some major nationwide outage…I wonder what happened I really do. There’s nothing on the Streamyx site about this either, it’s out of date. Can’t […]

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Board… Bored…Bore …Boredom

OMG I’m so bored. The food is boring, the people are boring, the project is boring, the place is boring, the buildings are boring. At least it’s not so hot here now, winter is coming and it’s a very pleasant 20 degrees most of the time. I can even walk back to the skanky service […]

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Blue skies.. MOTHER FUCKING BLUE SKIES. On the day I come back to work, I’ve been wanting to go and take pictures, lovely beautiful pictures with nice long shadows and good bright light. What do I get? YEAH I GET HAZE…haze…more haze, flat light, no shadows, diffusion, lacking textures, boring flat tones I come to […]

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Dubai..sand…. sand…cranes …sand & Jack Daniels

I’m going out of my mind really, I’m not sure how much more of this I can take.. I have nothing to do, the hotel had no Internet (unless I paid a ridiculous RM100), the appartment I’m staying in now has no Internet and has 3 TV channels. I’ve spent the last 3 days doing […]

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Flickr Banned and Youtube Blocked in Dubai

Argh, how are office workers supposed to be unproductive with these two landmark sites blocked! Apparently Flickr has nude pictures and can be considered a dating site which is against the principles of the country.. (more…)

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StreamyX Goes From Bad to Worse..

Unsuprising, look at this, looks like the International link has been replaced by a single 56k dialup line.. Restarted the connection, even got onto a different IP block..still the same urgh. Broadband or narrowband? The answer seems obvious. The only thing that’s transparent about TMnut is their blatant disregard for quality of service and the […]

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Busy bodies without their owns lives just..

..continually poke into other people’s business where they aren’t welcome. They really need to mind their own fucking business. Not that they have any business obviously, as they are sticking their nose into other people’s, annoying their friends and generally being a good for nothing busybody. It’s good when they get better jobs and are […]

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The Quality of Pings on PPS Lately

I’ve heard a lot about this lately, a lot of people talking about it, well complaining about it. And it’s struck me too, the quality of content on PPS has dropped dramatically, I guess it’s inevitable for any kind of unrestricted system, as the volume increases, the quality decreases, the same can be said for […]

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