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I HATE Plaza Damas

Ok so to continue my particularly bad week…. My chair breaks, my car gets damaged and then my computer starts playing up….I didn’t even have the mood to tidy up the apartment which is starting to resemble some kind of paper recycling plant/rubbish dump. Anyway, I went over to Plaza Damas to get some pancakes […]

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Sunday is a sacred day for me, for eating pizza and watching movies. Plus the odd other activity like playing PS2 (I’m at the final race on NFS:Carbon finally) and processing some pictures (didn’t manage to do any today – slept too much). But I had to go out this Sunday to Laundry to meet […]

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Window Replaced… Choice Made.. More Travel!

I replaced my window on Monday afternoon, it took quite a while as there was a small but deep dent where they had used something to rip the window out and smash the corner and it was raining.. The total cost was RM880, a nice number…but shit almost 1k to replace the fscking window! That’s […]

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I Believe I Can FLY – Reach out and Drive into the SKY

Does this guy think he’s flying a 747? Does he not realise he’s actually just driving a Honda Civic? Ahbengs can afford some nice cars nowdays eh, just a shame what they do to them after they’ve bought them.. Spotted at Penchala Link toll booth..

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Argh – The Pain!

Mahai… This month been damn kau expensive ok. First my Mom was here, so went on many trips, ate many nice foods, spent many monies. But that was ok. Then got lawyer fees for something or other $2300.. Then a week ago…my car decided to fall apart. The crankshaft pulley cover broke and the crankshaft […]

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We’re all going on a summer holiday!

No more working for a week or two. Well I treated my car to a service yesterday, after it’s incident[/url], it’s feeling a little depressed. Cost me a fair amount, but it always does when it comes down to changing my tyres at 300 bucks a pop…RM1200 just for the tyres, then I had oil […]

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