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Some of the Jobs I’ve Endured in My Life

I’ve had an extremely long and rather colourful work history, starting a young age I had to learn to be self-sufficient. There was barely enough food to eat at home and definitely no money spare to buy anything considered remotely luxurious.. It all helped though and it helped me mature a lot, mainly in terms […]

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Say NO To Adsense/Adverts On Personal Blogs

If you’ve noticed I’ve removed all the Adsense from this blog! Say no to Adverts for personal blogs, yah! I’ve also moved the referal stuff down to the bottom of the sidebar so it’s no in your face anymore, I do support Firefox so I might move that one back up. We’ll see. You can […]

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Cheque From Adbrite

The earnings are shitty compared to Adsense, and well it costs almost as much to clear the cheque as the cheque is worth.. But what to do, I banked it anyway. I took Adbrite off all my sites because it earnt virtually nothing. Bring on more Adsense! (Adsense earnings are lower this month though, sien!)

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Argh – The Pain!

Mahai… This month been damn kau expensive ok. First my Mom was here, so went on many trips, ate many nice foods, spent many monies. But that was ok. Then got lawyer fees for something or other $2300.. Then a week ago…my car decided to fall apart. The crankshaft pulley cover broke and the crankshaft […]

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