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The Summons Fiasco : Part II

Well I of course have gotten more summons… The first debacle, brought on by Ops Warta is written and discussed (in depth) HERE[/url]. So I went to pay them seen as though I was around in the day-time due my car being in the workshop (they finally called me to tell me I could take […]

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Happy Valentines Day..Or not..

What’s it all about anyway, can’t we show appreciation for our lovers/boyfriends/girlfriends/husbands/wives every day of the year? A have[/url] expressed their thoughts on this matter, really it’s just commercial bullshit isn’t it. Much like Christmas has become a time for showing who can buy the most expensive and flashy presents, this is not the point…I […]

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What is a good blog? & BlogExplosion – Stingy Asses!

Thank you to the 9 people who voted for my site, fuck you to the other 1035 that didn’t. Here’s a message from another blogger to you non-voters.[/url] How long does it take to vote? I’ve recieved 10 blogmarks, which is nice! Even bigger thanks to you geniuses who blogmarked me hanks all, hope […]

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Malaysian Bureaucracy and the Summons Fiasco

Well the clampdown has finally begun as reported by today.. Source: If you’ve been following my posts, you’ll have noticed I had some summons, and I had to work my ass off to get them paid…they make it so fucking difficult. Now this whole shennanigan hasn’t exactly been well publicised, I’ve seen one tiny 1/4 […]

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Art? What the hell is Art?

What the fuck is art actually, I know it’s a highly subjective term, but still please.. I found a set of pictures, toted as art by Ashkan Sahihi[/url], which are interesting to say the least. The quote from the Village Voice[/url] being: The whole series is available , there is which I find quite grotesque. […]

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Inconsiderate Drivers & Road Hogs.

Ok last night….it was a normal night in most aspects, a little worse for traffic as it was raining..but low and behold I reached Puchong toll (the start of the LDP) and it was jammed solid.. It then proceeded to be jammed all the way to the other end of the LDP (where I live). […]

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Vegetarians and MEAT

There are many arguments for and against Vegetarianism and Veganism, I just felt like talking about them a bit today. Veggies say if you you’ve been to a slaughter house and seen the animals killed it will put you off meat…Not really, I’ve been to a slaughterhouse before. Yes it stunk, was I disturbed or […]

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Screw Telekom, Noob Drivers and Dodgy Curtain Rails..

Fuck Telekom[/url], fuck them in their stupid asses. They want a $1075RM deposit because I’m a freaking ang moh…WHAT THE FUCK… 2. Public 75.00 Like wtf kind of stupid crap is that…I mean a couple of hundred maybe, I can tahan () but over 1000? That’s just ridiculous… The thing is aswell, I think even […]

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Pet Peeves..chomping..STFU Noisy eaters…

Ok during a discussion last night I stumbled upon one of the few, rare gems in life that I abso–lutely hate with avengance. Basically it’s like this…. Food is beautiful, eating is wonderful, it should be cherished and loved not noisily chomped on like some piece of neanderthal wooly mammoth steak. The exact noise I’m […]

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OMFG Hacking for JESUS?!? Hacker vs Cracker? Script Kiddiots and more..

A few Malaysia sites got 0wned hard this morning…by some group who’s ultra cheese tagline is ‘Hacking for Jesus’ Brother please… The site in question is[/url] if you visit around the time I posted this you’ll still see the real thing.. If not screenshot: A lot of .my sites got whacked apparently by these […]

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