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Only in Malaysia 2 – The Egg Man

Only in Malaysia, Part 2.

Amazing stuff, how many dozen eggs, on the back of a bike..

The Egg Man


(I have seen worse, but this is the only good one I’ve managed to capture).

If you do your own post tag it onlyinmalaysia and if you upload to flickr tag it onlyinmalaysia and trackback the first post in the series. Cheers!

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MyTeam vs Malaysia Under 20’s – The Finale at Bukit Jalil

So last week Mack called me up for this game as he had some invites, it was the Malaysian U20 team as the ‘real’ one is in Singapore.

Match Invite

So we headed to Bulldog first for some bevvies, yeah! Then off to Bukit Jalil for the match, 8.45pm kick off.

There was a horrible Jam all the way..I think there was some Akademi Fantasia thing at Astro too, so it was double bad.


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Kuala Lumpur (KL) International Motorshow 2006

So as I briefly mentioned yesterday, I did indeed go the KL 2006 Motorshow at PWTC.

KL Motorshow 2006

The Car Parks were all fulll…had to park at a private car park down the road a bit from Pan Pacific.

Car Parks Full

$20 to get in.

KL Motorshow Ticket

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Cars & Football

Yesterday I went to the motorshow at PWTC, which was nice. Then some banquet dinner thing.

KL Motorshow

Yeah most guys weren’t really looking at the cars (That’s the new Lotus APX btw, nice looking car). I recognised quite a lot of the car girls, maybe from pictures, or blogs, forums, hypertune etc.

One recognised me though which was nice 😉

There’s nothing like a pretty girl mouthing “Are you ShaolinTiger?” dressed in leather whilst posing on a RalliArt Evo IX!

Jian & I

Oh yeah..there was some nice cars too.

Today I’m going to watch MyTeam vs Malaysia at Bukit Jalil, go MyTeam!

Check more here.

As I’ve just read MyTeam is some kind of football based reality show, seen as though I don’t really watch TV I completely missed it.

Will post more later, after it’s all over (probably tommorow).

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Terence and The Polo Mints


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Talipon Steamboat Buffet & Grill – Kelana Jaya

I haven’t been to this place for ages, we used to go quite often, and got kind of sick of it, felt like a bit of steamboat and was around the area, so headed off to Talipon.

It’s recommended to go early, about 5.30-6pm when they are just opening for the freshest food and as many prawns as you can eat!

KY went quite recently too.


What you get is this, a normal steamboat thing, plus around it a tinfoil part on which you can grill things.


Grab some butter to start up the grilling.


Then grab all the good stuff!

The beef is ok, a little chewy, the marinated lamb is very good grilled.


They have all the normal stuff too like seaweed, tofu skin, mushrooms etc (mushroom are nice grilled or in the soup).


So fire on some butter and start grilling.

Butter Grill

Yummy beef steak!

Beef Steak

My favourite lamb chop!

Lamb Chop

Then my favourite, prawns!

Get a bowl of chilli sauce, throw the prawns in, splash some beer in and let them marinate for a few minutes, then marinate on the grill with plenty of butter and pour a little of the chili/beer mix over the top while they cook.




Ah, happy times, food and beer!

The soup is delicious once you’ve boiled enough things inside (add some baby corn to make it sweeter).


The grill ends up looking like this..


You can ask for some new foil it if gets too black.

Restoran Talipon, I recommend it (remember go early).


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Canon 350D (Rebel XT) vs Nikon D70s vs Olympus E500

I’ve gotten more and more interested in photography as time has gone by, and I’ve noticed (as have others) I’m pretty good at it, I’ve always had an interest, but with digital it’s allowed me to experiment with my camera and learn at a lower cost.

I’ve started finding the limitations of my camera, and I’ve started being able to take pictures that push the boundaries of the camera, which means it’s time to upgrade.

I wouldn’t mind freelancing aswell, doing some portraits, events maybe even weddings, so it’s time to get a more serious camera a digital SLR.

As for the camera, ah it’s a tough choice, it’s more down to the Canon 350D vs the Nikon D70s due to budget constraits.

Things like the Canon EOS 20D and Nikon D200 are out of my range.

I did consider the Nikon D50 at first as a cheaper option, but for the price difference between the D50 and the D70s, the D70s is so much more worth it.

Olympus E-500

I’m not really big on Olympus, even though it seems like a solid camera, and Olympus is of course a favourite of TV Smith, one of our local photo pros. It’s the lighest dSLR in this class, and seems ergonimcally good, feature and lens wise tho, I don’t think it can compete, so sorry Olympus, you are the weakest link.

Olympus E-500

E-500 Review Here

Buy it from Amazon:

Canon EOS 350D – Rebel XT

Canon Rebel XT

At first I swayed towards the Canon 350D (The Rebel XT), as I’m an existing Canon user, with my old faithful Canon Powershot A70 (a mere 3.2 megapixels), but plenty of manual modes.

The main advantage of the Rebel XT seems to be low noise at high ISO, I do like nightshots, so this was a good point, plus it seems like an all around contender, and pros are great fans on the Canon series of lenses.

The best reason I saw to buy Canon was this:

Why Canon?

Also funny (Yeah all the white Lenses are Canon).

It can be good with a much more expensive lens, but that’s out of my range right now, and the main reason is the way it felt when I tried it in the shop.

The kit lens (EF-S 18-55mm f3.5-5.6 II Zoom) isn’t that great and produces images that are a little soft.

I also read that the Canon (unlike the more expenside 10D/20D/1D etc) has a lot of features hidden away in the menu, rather than having buttons for them (white balance etc), which does make it hard to take shots at short notice, what’s the point in having such a low startup time, if you have to root through the menus to find the settings?

The Nikon doesn’t have this problem.

Canon 350D/Rebel-XT Reviews:

DC Resource

DP Review

Outback Photo

Buy it from Amazon:

Nikon D70s

Nikon D70s

The best advice I heard is to go to the shop and try the camera, this is ultimately where I made my decision.

Also I found out that the Nikon kit lens is much better, both from reviews and from a sales guy, the Nikon kit lens has a metal mount and has glass components, whereas the Canon kit lens is mostly all plastic. Definately not as durable.

Plus the Nikon just feels so much more sturdy, probably because I’m a big guy with big hands, but the Canon felt a little flimsy, and rather small, something like a toy, not a real mans photoweapon!

Whichever side of the fence you sit on, there are rabid fans, Nikon or Canon, locally though, people seem to much greater fans of the Nikon.

So I’m pretty much decided on the Nikon D70s with Lens kit (Nikkor DX 18-70mm f3.5-4.5G IF-ED Zoom), if anyone can get me an awesome price and some freebies thrown in it’d be great 😉 (Tripod, 2GB ultrafast CF card etc..)

Next up probably a SB-600 speedlight, perhaps a macro and 70-300mm zoom lens.

Nikon D70s reviews:

DC Resource

Imaging Resource

DP Review

Steve’s Digicam

DC Views

Buy it from Amazon:

Some reference material here if you are going through the same decision:

Canon 300D vs 350D vs Nikons D50 vs D70

Nikon D50 vs Canon EOS 350D

D50 vs. EOS-350D

Nikon D50 Image Samples Compared to Nikon D70s and Canon EOS Digital Rebel XT / 350D kit

350D Owners – Why didn’t you buy a Nikon D70/D50?

Nikon D70s Kit Lens Compared to Canon Digital Rebel XT Kit Lens

Of course if anyone has any opinions (owners of either of the cameras, or similar models are welcome to pipe up).

I hope someone finds the research useful 😉

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Movie Review – Brokeback Mountain – Moving

Brokeback Mountain

Early one morning in Signal, Wyoming, Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist meet while lining up for employment with local rancher Joe Aguirre. The world which Ennis and Jack have been born into is, at once, changing rapidly and yet scarcely evolving. Both young men seem certain of their set places in the heartland–obtaining steady work, marrying, and raising a family–and yet they hunger for something beyond..

I know I’m a bit late to the brokeback party, but I was away when the movie came out, and I never managed to get hold of it and sit down and watch it until now..

How often do you see a Western Romantic Drama? never, especially one featuring homosexuals, that’s what makes this film so unique.

The movie is based on the E. Annie Proulx story about a forbidden and secretive relationship between two cowboys and their lives over the years and scores a very high 7.9 at IMDB.

I can see why Ang Lee won an Oscar for the direction, it is beautifully directed, some of the shots are like perfectly framed photographs, and some really stay in your memory.

The scenes with the mountains were beautiful.

As for the acting, Jake Gyllenhaal did very well, he conveyed the emotion and irrational nature of his character very well. Heath Ledger played quite a solemn character, Ennis Del Mar, so he didn’t have quite so much acting to do, but he worked the character very well, showing his life trapped in a marriage of convenience, his quietness was very strong and somehow his solemn attitude amplified his emotions. It was really quite amazing acting by both of them.

Showing his fear of being openly gay, due to what he witnessed as a young child, Jack Twist being more open, but in the end paying for that.

Jack and Enis

The caution paid off in the end.

It was quite an emotional movie, the direction standing out more than anything else. The score was good and both Michelle Williams and Ann Hathaway put in a brilliant perfomances as troubled wifes, who saw what no wifes should ever have to see.

Really it is a film about love, but it’s something new, something brave and most importantly of all, something difference.

Not the same old formulaic crap we see month in month out.

If you haven’t watched it, I’d definately recommend it.

A strong 8/10.

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The Best Steamed Fish Head – Jalan Raja Laut – Ong Lai

If you know Jalan Raja Laut, you should know where Mungo Jerrys place is (good bah kuh teh and great pork knuckles).

If you know where Mungo Jerrys is, this place is just across the road, down a back street, I forgot to take note of the name.

Jln Raja Laut

It’s pretty easy to spot though with it’s sprawling tables and jam packed crowd all sitting in a back alley.

Jln Raja Laut

It’s famous for the steamed fish head (jeng yu tau I think?), but I noticed everyone was ordering the O Jien (Oyster Omlette), so we had to have some of that.

I have to say it was REALLY good, juicy oysters and cooked just right.

O Jien

Also had some of this, which is something like Pan Min…but not, I can’t remember the name.

Not Pan Min

The Hokkien Mee was REALLY good, with loads of big lumps of lat.

Fukkien Mee

Some green vege, as normal (a bit salty, but good).


All cleared up, waiting for the masterpeice..

Clean Plates

And then it comes! The monster sized fish head.

Steamed Fish Head

It was huge, bigger than most fish you get, cooked to perfection with tender succulent flesh, definately worth a try, I shall go back soon!

We picked it to the bone.

No more fish head

Damn….hungry now.

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Sabahan Tapai – It’s Good Stuff and it’s not Tuak!

So one of Pats’ friends came back from Sabah I think, or somewhere over that side of East Malaysia, and brought is a bottle of Tapai, or local Rice Wine (Tuak is from Sarawak right?).

You can buy it for a small fortune in some posh bars in Bangsar, which will give you a headache..but this is the real deal, served in a reused Tiger Beer bottle with a plastic cap!

It’s from Kadazan culture I’m led to believe.

Kadazan culture is heavily influenced by the farming of rice, culminating in various delicacies and alcoholic drinks prepared through differing home-brewed fermentation processes. Tapai and lihing are the main rice wine variants served and consumed in Kadazan populated areas, and are a staple of Kadazan social gatherings and ceremonies.

Pat dishing out the goods, the dirty liquor pimp.

Pat and Tapai

Had trouble remembering the name because of the creative labelling.

Hornbill Pee

Lot’s of glasses, yay!


It’s pretty smooth stuff, it doesn’t taste very strong, but kinda gently knocks your head off and leaves you feeling nicely warm and fuzzy.

It’s got a tangy aftertaste, I guess it’s like a much stronger version of Toddy.

I’d recommend it to anyone ‘Hic’.

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