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Oh Dear..

My place was so dirty, even the cockroach that came in died.


Perhaps that explains why I haven’t been well! Haha.

Don’t worry I cleaned up, everything is spotless now.

Clean Bedroom!

Was pretty busy this weekend, went to the opening night of the Jazz festival on Friday night and the Lantern festival on Saturday night, w00t.

Will post some pix soon, look out here and on DigiSniper.

And the whole of Sunday night was cleaning appt top to bottom…

Need to go shopping for a camera for my Mom soon, her 60th birthday present.

Bah, really need to start going back to gym aswell, feeling rather round.

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Places to Eat in Mon鈥檛 Kiara – Maredo’s Argentinian Steakhouse

Awesome steak, best best steak evar. Eagle’s Nest was good, but I still prefer Maredo’s.

Maredo's Steakhouse

Really, I love it. It’s a little pricey for lunch but seriously I never regret it, it melts in your mouth.

Set Lunch

It comes in at RM24++ per person, not bad for the quality.

It’s different every week or so, first time I went was black pepper, second time was a bit fruity, 3rd was gravy and mushrooms…all goood.

The decor is nice with lots of wood and huge Argentinian prints everywhere.

Maredo's Decor

The set lunch comes with access to the Salad Bar which has some decent variety.

Salad Bar

This was my choice.


And yes this is what we came for, here’s my medium ‘doneness‘ Steak.

Medium Steak

An obligatory mystyle close up 馃槈

Steak Close-up

Of course I polished it all off, I could have whacked another one too…arghh heavenly.

Empty Plate

Writing this is making my stomach rumble..

Come join me for lunch!

Food seems to be the most popular request for me to write about…it’s just there’s so many food blogs around nowadays, it seems a bit boring.

I’ve still got loads of posts about food to write…just got overloaded with seeing all the shitty quality foodblogs and bad pictures of food, kinda demotivated me.

I know mine is still the best 馃槢 But I don’t like being part of a crowd. Since I got the SLR I don’t take much pictures of food, it’s a bit bulky to carry to dinner.

I need to start pocketing my A70 again and taking some snaps of nice things I eat! The K750 doesn’t really snap great pics indoors.

That’ll give me more stuff to blog about, yay for food.

I wanted to get some more pictures from my phone but for some reason it’s playing up and I can’t detect it, I really need to reformat my PC, it’s getting screwed up…and it’s starting to be a burden using Windows 2000 as some things don’t work (Like Windows Live Messenger..) even though I love it for it’s stability and security. Ah well.

To all the people who suggested topics, thanks some great ideas. Will get round to them 1 by 1, watch this space.

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What? Nothing..anything?

Kinda brain dead from all the travelling..

Anything you’d like to see me write about?

Any questions you have about anything (me, computers, etc..)

Yeah, lazy, give me some inspiration.

I guess this is a quiet spell, I’m all written out.

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Flying back…

In a couple of hours, just surfing on the 20RM an hour Internet in the hotel lobby, things are incredibly expensive here..

The exchange rate is 1-1 pretty much (1RM = 0.994 Dirhams or something) but everything is double the price, no wonder people love taking holidays in Malaysia..

A KFC meal will cost you something like RM18.

The chicks here are smoking hawt though haha.

Here’s my favourite pic I took today, will post the whole series later on flickr, when I can access it..

Frozen Moment

Flickr is banned here by the countrywide proxy, also banned are any URL’s with FUCK in them.

Yeah, amazing eh?

Don’t forget to check DigiSniper – there’s been some great stuff posted there while I’ve been here.

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So…Where am I Now?!

Hmm so take a guess, where am I now?

My new ride?

Bentley Continental GT

Optical illusion tower..

Optical Illusion Tower

Argh…travelling so much gonna be hectic.

People that know, obviously aren’t allowed to guess 馃槈

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All About My MONSTER!

Well as some of you may have noticed there’s this new blog collaboration thing in town called MONSTER Blog, between Jaring, NST and a bunch of nerds collectively known as bloggers.

MONSTER Bloggers

There are a few more details on the about page and an article was published in the NST on Saturday!


(From Peter)

You can see the Online version here:

MoNSTer move into blogging

I know my design is beautiful right hahah (I didn’t do the banner though, I’m noob at that).

Do check it out and show your support, leave some comments, bookmark it, come back later.

There will be 2 posts a day, each person has a ‘slot’ and they post about a certain kinda topic on a certain day so the blog will have a rythm to it kind of like a traditional publication.

It’s a collaborative effort between the old media and the new media (us?) so there you go.

We aren’t getting paid if you are can call us elite if you like, but we all have more than average traffic for some reason or another.

This is a community kind of effort, so do show your support, write about it, cuss it, discuss it, say it’s great, whatever you like.

Do comment on my intro and my other posts!

Others who wrote about it:

Kim: I am a hot moNSTer.
KY: KY @
Sultan: MoNSTer blog mucul!

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Movie Review – Tom Yum Goong (Tony Jaa – Ong Bak 2?)

Tom Yum Goong

A young fighter named Kham must go to Australia to retrieve his stolen elephant. With the help of a Thai-born Australian detective, Kham must take on all comers, including a gang led by an evil woman and her two deadly bodyguards.

Ah yes, much like the one before it, the legendary Ong Bak! Ong Bak was a low budget martial arts flick that everyone fell in love with, why? It’s super brutal realistic fighting and stunt sequences, like a blend of Jackie Chan in his early days for the crazy stunts, Bruce Lee for his rawness and energy and Jet Li for his finess and fighting accuracy.

Ong Bak remains one of my favourite martial arts movies of all time, I can watch it over and over and over.

Tom Yum Goong is similar but has the feel of a much higher budget, some CG some expensive toys and explosions, Bondesque boat chase sequence and some helicopter action.

Much like Ong Bak the script and plot is something you wouldn’t even wipe your ass with, but that doesn’t stop it from being an awesome film!

The acting is so-so, but once again the fight sequences will blow you away.


This was my favourite, with a wu-shu style swordsman, a huge scary white guy as seen above (Nathan Jones, he’s been in some Jackie Chan flicks, Fearless, Troy etc) and some guy that could do Capoeira with such style, really really amazing.

The scene was filled with water and had a perfectly lit flaming backdrop with a buddha watching over it all, really really good.

Another good one is the fight all the way up the stairs, taken in 1 shot, unbelievable filmwork really.

The first 10-15 minutes of the movie are quite slow, very arty, nicely filmed, nice shots of Thailand etc..but really you are like OMFG KICK SOME ASS PLEASE.

The subtitles are non-existent, they only show up when people say something really obvious, or they speak in Chinese or English, at which point if they are speaking English, I really don’t need the bad English subtitles ok?

Not that you need them, the movie is about some dude trying to find his elephant and kicking 72 kinds of ass along the way, that’s it, end of plot summary.

Petchtai Wongkamlao was funny as expected, him being one of Thailands most prolific comedians. Bongkoj Khongmalai was very very sexy *pant* as the lost girl in the wrong place.

This is a really great martial arts movie, I loved it and will watch it again shortly (the ass kicking parts anyway, perhaps not the soft focus shots of Elephants).

If you are pretentious about movies, are looking for a plot, don’t enjoy action..don’t watch this movie.

However if you love to see some dude demonstrate 101 ways to break someones arm, do watch this movie!

I give it a well worth it 8/10

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Unfortunately in a non-sexual way..

I was ill some time last week so I was at home in the day, I heard some buzzing noise outside, it turned out to be a walking fumigator dude with some huge smoking blowing thing..

He decided smartly to blow the smoke down the side next to my appt, which promptly came in through the window..


Ok technically that’s two windows I know, ok so it came in through 2…and kept coming.

Yeah it wasn’t pleasant really.

The kitchen and the shower were completely full, I quickly ran to the bedroom and shut the door to prevent it getting stunk out.

Within 30 seconds the smoke had spread out and filled the whole place, I had to cover my face with a towel.


This post was sponsored by the recently deceased cockroach that just ran over my foot, it prompted the foul memories of the smoke whilst I killed the cockroach with a swift strike from my ninja pirate repetoire.

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StreamyX Goes From Bad to Worse..

Unsuprising, look at this, looks like the International link has been replaced by a single 56k dialup line..

StreamyX Sucks

Restarted the connection, even got onto a different IP block..still the same urgh.

Broadband or narrowband? The answer seems obvious.

The only thing that’s transparent about TMnut is their blatant disregard for quality of service and the importance of customer satisfaction (and not overloading their international links).

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Busy bodies without their owns lives just..

..continually poke into other people’s business where they aren’t welcome.

They really need to mind their own fucking business.

Not that they have any business obviously, as they are sticking their nose into other people’s, annoying their friends and generally being a good for nothing busybody.

It’s good when they get better jobs and are busy, so they can mind their own business as they finally have some!

What is it with some people, they just can’t stop sticking their noses in where it doesn’t belong?

There are some people in the world that really feel the need to pry, they don’t know where the line is.

I have a colleague who is like this, on the first meeting he will ask you those overly personal questions that are reserved for friends or closer aquaintances, not people you met merely 15 seconds ago..

He also likes ot lay his hands on people, that is just plain wrong for me, do not invade someones personal space, their zone, if you don’t know them very well you definately SHOULD NOT be laying your hands on them.

Not sure if he’s a pervert or just misguided, I’m pretty sure it’s the former rather than the latter.

People that touch me bug me, seriously, doesn’t it annoy you when someone you barely know touches you? I don’t mean they grab my ballsack and give it a squeeze..but still laying a hand on my leg or shoulder is something not appreciated.

Anyway back to the original topic, busybodies, bat poh…bah kong, why don’t they get a grip, get a life, get some interests.

You know the age old adage?

“Great minds talk about ideas and concepts, Mediocre minds talk about events and happenings, Small minds talk about people”

I think it’s true, honestly I do.

Get out of the gutter, think bigger, at least discuss something other than the rain or sunshine and the price of kangkong..

Some people pry too far, they become obtrusive in their thirst for knowledge of other people’s business, they should get the hint it’s not for them to know, they are not welcome nor entitled to the knowledge, so they should butt out..

They don’t get the message.

Some people just want to know everything about other people, you know the kinds, the office gossips, they don’t know the football score or what’s going on between Pak Lah and Dr. M but they sure know who’s bonking who and who took the last teabag…

I for one know which is more important…to me at least.

Some people have completely skewed perspectives..

Ah another day, another idiot!

*This post was started long ago, and was finished without the same vengance, but with the same thoughts that still persist and some others tacked on for good measure*

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