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Broadband Download Rates – MB, GB, Kbps Huh?

It’s always tough to calculate between line speed and download speed without busting out the calculator, yah you can estimate roughly but it’s not really accurate. Generally you can say the download speed will be 100 times (in KB/s) the line speed (in MB) so a 1MB line like Streamyx should give you approximately a […]

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ADSL – StreamyX Noise Ratio/SNR Numbers & Line Attenuation – What Do They Mean?

It’s good to get to know your modem/router whichever ISP you are using, log in to the control panel and explore what kind of data it can give you. You can most likely access your admin page here: or If that doesn’t work, or you don’t know the login/password please RTFM or JFGI. […]

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Streamyx is Down Again

Well my Streamyx is down again, I have to say it’s been quite some time since I’ve had any problems with it. It’s been relatively stable and reasonably fast for quite some time. After I got back from CNY it was off though, the DSL is syncing but the PPoE connection just isn’t happening, not […]

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Tmnut again

Ah so many posts to write, Tmnut is playing silly buggers the last few days. Most of the time I can’t access Flickr, can’t access any sites hosted on blogspot, sometimes can’t connect to any Google services, can’t connect to MSN.. And when it’s all working it’s so terribly slow, even surfing is a pain. […]

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Streamyx Sucks AGAIN

AHGRH!H!H! Meant to post some more pics over the weekend, got lots to do…but Streamyx was down since 11am Saturday morning. Until now. I called them twice, apparently they are having some major nationwide outage…I wonder what happened I really do. There’s nothing on the Streamyx site about this either, it’s out of date. Can’t […]

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StreamyX Goes From Bad to Worse..

Unsuprising, look at this, looks like the International link has been replaced by a single 56k dialup line.. Restarted the connection, even got onto a different IP block..still the same urgh. Broadband or narrowband? The answer seems obvious. The only thing that’s transparent about TMnut is their blatant disregard for quality of service and the […]

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Ok So…What the F&#@ is a PING? And How do I Ping?

Seems like some people don’t know what a Ping is, which is fair enough really.. Some know what it is, sort of, but don’t know how to intepret the results. So here’s a quick run-down. Good Ping Here’s what my work ping to google.com looks like now: As you can see, it’s pretty constant around […]

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Streamyx – We Pay for THIS?! Is it Broadband or Narrowband?

Still the lack of quality of service surprises me with Streamyx. I think I’ll just call it Streamyx Shitband. They still keep selling it, still keep advertising it, still keep pushing it…but their infrastructure can’t even support the current userbase. At peak times it goes to shit, if I want decent latency (decent in terms […]

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