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Did Your Coppermine Gallery (CPG) Get Spammed? Eww Spam..

Mine did, really it sucks! Anyway if yours did too, you can get rid of all the spam in a few seconds, go to your control panel or however you get to phpMyAdmin on your server (or command line MySQL interface), whichever you are comfortable with and run this SQL statement: DELETE FROM cpgXXX_comments WHERE […]

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Ok So…What the F&#@ is a PING? And How do I Ping?

Seems like some people don’t know what a Ping is, which is fair enough really.. Some know what it is, sort of, but don’t know how to intepret the results. So here’s a quick run-down. Good Ping Here’s what my work ping to google.com looks like now: As you can see, it’s pretty constant around […]

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