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The Chinese Moby…Oh Wait What?

I got this caricature done at the Kronenbourg 1664 media appreciation night a while back (great night that it was). But really, do you think it looks anything like me? Honestly I think it looks like a Chinese version of Moby. I’m not sure if the artist had drawn anyone without slanty eyes before. On […]

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Ultimate Comb-Over – The best evar!

The best comb-over in the history of the world. Check out the transformation!

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The Coolest Numberplate in Malaysia

That I’ve seen anyway, in UK I’ve seen some much cooler ones. But the system allows for more variety. Somehow it reminds me of the unfortunately named Pen Island (https://www.penisland.net/). TGIF!

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Oh Dear..

My place was so dirty, even the cockroach that came in died. Perhaps that explains why I haven’t been well! Haha. Don’t worry I cleaned up, everything is spotless now. Was pretty busy this weekend, went to the opening night of the Jazz festival on Friday night and the Lantern festival on Saturday night, w00t. […]

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It’s Friday

And yeah…er.. Some people are just fucking weird, beyond comprehension seriously. Teen Who Cut Off Corpse’s Head To Make Bong Sentenced And be sure to check out my new buddy….Ceiling Cat! https://www.ceilingcat.com/

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What a man? Someone who can outgay BryanBoy? “I EXUBERATE FANTASTICISMS” Yeah, seriously, check this video out: Exuberating Fantasticisms! He’s a contestant on “So You Think You Can Dance?” You can check out his MySpace profile here: Ian Bernado Representing the Jews yah… “BeCWOS I’m the best!” Keeping that Brookyln accent real.

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Lost & Found – How the F%*$?

Seriously.. Keys? Ok.. Bicycle…hmm…? Ok.. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU ‘LOSE’ A PHOTOSTAT MACHINE?!? Some people are beyond me. “Oh dear, I think the photocopier dropped out of my pocket on the stairs?”

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Get New Friends Like sai_baba With Fo.rtuito.us BETA!

Fo.rtuito.us is something like an online penpals kind of site. The site is very simple, you sign up and are given a friend chosen randomly. Next, you have 4 days to get to know this person before you are asked to make a decision whether to keep them as your friend. Once you have made […]

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