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Maybe I’m depressed, I kinda feel like I am. No mojo to blog, even watching Roy Chubby Brown didn’t make me laugh that much. Things haven’t really been going well for me lately, perhaps it’s karma? If it is – I don’t know what I did wrong. I hope they’ll get better anyway, I sincerely […]

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I’ve got a splitting headache.

And so I’m going to bed so I don’t slip in the waterfall tomorrow and drown (my camera..). Hoho. That’s all the update you are getting ok.

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Stupid People that E-mail Me

I get ridiculous e-mails all the time, quite often asking me to do things – hello are blogs the new free media? I don’t think so, you want space here baby – you better pay! Unless you are a charitable cause like saving the rhinos then you just have to ask. Anyway that’s beside the […]

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I Miss Those Crab Feasts…

And a lot of others things too. I guess as life goes on things change and you tend to spend your time doing different things. For me it seems to be almost obsessive, I get totally absorbed by things and can’t stop it until I’ve gone to the highest level I can take it…which is […]

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So Just Ask..

Someone said I should write more interesting things.. Someone said I should write more about me.. Someone said I should cuss other people more.. Which makes me wonder am I interesting actually, what do you want to know about me? So, I give you, my dear readers, this chance to ask me a question. 1 […]

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Best Reader E-mail Evar!!111!

Wakka? Christine Vinokurow to me Dec 21 (6 days ago) Christine Vinokurow wrote: I want to know how to fuck guys for money??? Website: IP: 216.234.114.xx Yes I am interested to know why she thought I might know how. And I’m wondering how many guys are gonna ask me for her email address 😀

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Lost & Found – How the F%*$?

Seriously.. Keys? Ok.. Bicycle…hmm…? Ok.. HOW THE FUCK DO YOU ‘LOSE’ A PHOTOSTAT MACHINE?!? Some people are beyond me. “Oh dear, I think the photocopier dropped out of my pocket on the stairs?”

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You might have thought people would go online and check out the definitions of any acronyms they put in their company names no? OH EM GEE Good job.. Honestly, it doesn’t give me much faith in a marketing or new media company that uses a name like this without knowing the meaning. Will it be […]

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Yeah shit.. It’s gone. I SAID DONT TOUCH MY VODKA It’s passed onto a safer place, it’ll be happy in my alchohol graveyard This post was brought to in a Vodka-ish FireAngel way and a alchoholic Paul Tan way, yeah seriously… Yeah STFU.

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