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A Walk Through Worcester Back Streets

So after the cathedral I had a walk through the deserted streets of Worcester City center.

There weren’t many people around as it was a weekday afternoon and it was getting towards the time when the shops close…yeah 5.30pm

Shocking eh!

I had a walk through the oldest part of Worcester near the city wall, Friar Street. It contains a lot of grade I and II listed Tudor period buildings.



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A Trip to Worcester Cathedral & FOOD!

Hmm nothing like a lovely fat pork chop covered in stuffing and some lightly boiled vegetables!

The stuffing on top means the pork chop rind goes super crispy but the meat itself stays moist and juicy!

Pork Chop

The left over boiled potatoes were turned into potatoe salad the next day and served with some super fresh premium pork pie, DELICIOUS!

Pork Pie

After that I headed into the cathedral with my new el-cheapo telescopic tripod to try out some HDR, I forgot to change the ISO down from 500 though…AGAIN so they are a little bit grainy.

Still some nice ones though, enjoy!

Worcester Cathedral

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My Mom’s Garden, Steak & Lemon Cheesecake

Sorry for the lack of updates, was travelling back from uk, then resting, then had to rush to office, then was re-installing OS, finally time to move into the 21st century, gone is Windows 2000, here is Windows XP! I’ve been using Win2k since the advanced BETA leaked in early 1999.

I took some pics in Mom’s garden, mostly as I was teaching her to take macro shots of flowers, so just used those in the garden as examples so she could get the hang of it.

Technically she picked it up fast, but needed some ideas on being more creative, framing the pictures etc as at the beginning she just took the flowers straight on, which is boring!

She got the idea towards the end, here are my efforts anyway..

Pretty in Pink

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Urgh Tired

I’ve been camping in a field for two days, then rushed down to the coast to take in some sea air, and eat some dead deer, which was fantastic.

The field was nice, booze was good, loads of food and loads of shooting.

Muddy field, crazy people, guns, food, music & alchohol = yeah!

Pictures and words will come soon, I’m tired now and must go to bed really.

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Food, Trains & a Wet Trip to London

Ah the great English weather is back…I’m stuck in the house again.

Had a light dinner after so much heavy eating, some parma ham draped over a melon, some pork pie and carrot/cucumber with houmous and taramasalata.

Light Dinner

Topped off with a beautiful meringue pudding, fresh cream and oodles of strawberries.


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A Trip to The Garden Center – If You Like Flowers Look Here

I went to see my decrepid old gran, who’s reaching 100 soon..

We took her to the Garden center for lunch, it’s quite nice there.

English weather still get’s me though, if you sit in the shade, and there’s a breeze you need to put a jacket on..but if you move out into the sun you break into a sweat.


This is my Gran’s street.

Gran's Street

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A Trip to Worcester City Center & The Cathedral

You can’t beat starting the day with a nice egg and bacon sandwich with freshly made homestyle wholemeal bread and a dribble of HP Sauce.

Bacon & Egg Sandwich

The weather wasn’t great in the morning so I just hung around at home, had some light lunch and headed into the city.

Planning to check out the cathedral and perhaps a walk down the river, the river garden was closed though.

Bought a couple of things, but the sales are coming to the end, so not much to get.

I did a bit of street photography whilst I was hanging around.

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An 8km Walk up the Malvern Hills

So after the hearty pub lunch we took a rather long stroll up to the top of the Malvern Hills, one of the oldest hills in the UK.

We parked at the North Quarry and walked up to the beacon, the highest point in the range.

Malvern Car Park

As it’s towards the end of summer a lot of the flowers are going brown and dying off for the browns of Autumn.

Dry Grasses

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The Trip Home & A Pub Lunch in Malvern

Well after missing my connecting flight and being stuck in Dubai airport for a grand total of 10 hours, I finally made it home, trip time around 25 hours..

Let’s just say I was pretty tired, but not too bad as I got leg room on both flights, yay!


The second one was surprisingly empty, but I guess everyone in UK is leaving to go on holiday in August not yet coming back.

The skies were beautifully blue and it was a nice pleasant smooth journey.

Blue Skies

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I never thought I’d say I miss…

Streamyx, but actually I do!

Current equipment – Pentium II 333mhz, Windows 98 and a crappy dial-up connection.

So yeah I did manage to get on the plane the second time, I didn’t miss it again, flight was smooth, slightly earlier than planned they gained some time. Watched a Spike Lee movie on the plane “The Insider” with Clive Owen, not too bad, might review it later, and had a few ultra strong Gin and Tonics and passed out.

I’ll try and upload some pictures, but flickr takes forever to load so I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to do, I got some nice ones yesterday of the Malvern Hills.

Did an 8km walk up to about 1300ft, pretty tiring, totally not used to walking.

Was beautiful though, if rather windy and cold up top at the beacon (the highest point in the range).

I’ll try and sort out a few pics after lunch and get some uploaded from yesterday!

My Moms addicted to Flickr now too, but she goes down the library to look at it.

She’s so excited about her new camera, I bought a Panasonic DMC TZ-1, 10x optical zoom, 5 megapixels etc..

Excellent little cam, shame about the high noise at higher sensitivity ISO, but I guess they will fix that as they go along.

It takes great macro and very nice scenery and the flash metering is good so indoor portraits look nice too.

I’ll post a review and some samples from it when I get back probably on DigiSniper.

So Hi and Bye for now, off to have some bacon and eggs for breakfast it’s 9.30am here.

Will be back later with pikchures and stuff.

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