2008 – The Year That Was..Let Us Welcome 2009

Well it’s that day again – December 31st! Time to usher in a new year and bid farewell to the year that has gone by. It’s been quite a year for me, good and bad – ups and downs.

In all honestly it’s not been a great year, especially the latter half. I’m fully hopeful however that 2009 will be much better.

I’d like to wish you all a happy, healthy and very prosperous 2009!

My first post of 2008 was part of my photography exploration with Krystal at KLPac – a great experience for me and a marked improvement in my portrait skill and processing (in my estimation anyway).

Krystal - Mystique

Last year I spent New Years Eve at the MidZone Countdown Party 2008 which was pretty fun. This year we’ll be taking it easy though at a friends place playing Jenga again 😀

MidZone 2008

In February I got involved with Malaysian Dreamgirl as one of the official bloggers, my coverage started with the MDG 2008 Auditions where I spotted most of the finalists.

Alison - MDG

March was an awesome month, and definitely my most memorable of 2008. My Mom was here and we went off to Sabah for a great trip (Sabah 2008 posts).

Mount Kinabalu

Then of course was my big 30th birthday on March 21st 2008, I had the most excellent party (thanks all for coming), brilliant presents and a great time (thanks to you for organising everything).

Excellent 30th Birthday Party

One of my presents was a Diamond Ticket to the F1 at Sepang…my first time going! Quite an experience, thanks to Nazrul for that.

Malaysia F1 Sepang

I also attended the first Hennessy Artistry at Zouk as a series of events through-out the year.

We all went for a great trip to Chamang Falls in May with a visit to the Elephant Sanctuary and Deerland after that.

And of course I got to see Tiesto again in Port Dickson! Definitely memorable and just as excellent as 2006 at Sepang.

Tiesto at Port Dickson

2008 was definitely the year for my camera to get a good work out and for me to hone my event photography skills, I went for Sean Kingston in Zouk – which was disappointing.

Sean Kingston Live at Zouk

Also went for Flo Rida and Pop Shuvit at Bukit Kiara, very very fun!

Flo Rida at Hennessy Artistry Bukit Kiara

In July I got a 3rd flash and started to take some pictures I actually liked with Valerie (Part 1 Part 2). I still have a long way to go with my Strobist skills tho!


In August I got myself a new phone, the Nokia E71 – very excellent!

Nokia E71

I also did my first proper commissioned shoot for a magazine, taking the Red Bull Rookies for FHM! It got published in August 2008 FHM Malaysia!

Published in FHM

August also saw me fly off to UK for a well deserved break, I hadn’t been back since 2006 so my Mom was about to disown me! All UK 08 trip posts here. Hitting the rides in Blackpool was definitely memorable!

Pepsi Max Big One

In late September we all went for a tour of a real chocolate factory (Fidani) thanks to Eiling.

Fidani Chocolate Making

That’s about it really, the end of the year was pretty depressing for me due to a number of things so let’s hope 2009 get’s better.

Have a great one everybody!

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6 Responses to 2008 – The Year That Was..Let Us Welcome 2009

  1. marvinlee December 31, 2008 at 7:52 pm #

    I think you meant Dec 31st instead of Jan 31st there.
    Happy New Year 2009 and may the new year brings better things to you.

  2. Lisa Lee January 1, 2009 at 4:39 am #

    Happy New Year Tiger!!! Hehe.. 😉

  3. Live Chat January 3, 2009 at 6:14 pm #

    Hi Guys

    Say goodbye to 2008 and start celebration for “Happy New Year”
    I will prey for everyone to get blissful life and hope that
    everyone’s wishes will definitely get fulfilled

    “Happy New Year Everyone”

  4. Alvin Lim January 5, 2009 at 1:12 am #

    Amazing photos :O My first time here actually. Anyway, happy new year to you. Life is always filled with ups and downs. Cheer up. 😀 2009 gonna b a great year! Well, at least better than most economy experts have said…hopefully.

  5. Neil | Bartul January 5, 2009 at 4:13 am #

    Cool. 🙂 That strange captcha is gone. Just wanted to say that my favorite image is the first one. I enjoy the texture, color, and rather striking pose from the subject.

  6. ShaolinTiger January 7, 2009 at 6:29 pm #

    marvinlee: Well spotted, corrected it 🙂

    Alvin Lim: Thanks, hope to see you comment again. Let’s hope for a good 2009!

    Neil | Bartul: Yah got rid of it, will see how bad the spam problem is. Yah first one is one of my fav pics too.

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