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Don’t Drink Bottled Water! Save The Planet!

The Story of Bottled Water

And a slightly harsher version from Pen & Teller:

Read more here:

5 reasons not to drink bottled water

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Slow Carb Diet Update #2 – Week 2 – #4hb

I don’t have so much to document for this week because I away in Redang from Wednesday – Saturday, Saturday night I had a wedding dinner and Sunday we went a bit mad after being stuck on the island for a while.


Dinner was a really delicious Thai style chicken and pumpkin curry – I’d been wanting to try this for a while and it worked really well. It’s proper comfort food, I sat in front of the TV watching Sons of Anarchy and munched this down.

Chicken & Pumpkin Curry


Lunch was something different! A lovely buffalo meat patty and scrambled eggs!

Buffalo Burger

Dinner was tomato prawns, first time getting home-cooked prawns 😀

Prawns in Tomato

Yes that may look like rice, but it is in fact grated cauliflower! Quite a life saver if you love rice and rich dishes that really need to be enjoyed with rice.


I took my car to service whilst I was away in Redang so we had to eat out for lunch, we ate at a coffee shop and ended up with 3 really rich dishes (consumed with no rice!).

Wednesday Lunch

Dinner was in Kuantan, managed to get away with just eating about 1/4 of a bowl of rice.

Wednesday Dinner

Lovely food though.


I ate as a little carbs as possible, but diving burns a hell of a lot of calories and there were no high calorie items such as beans available, so I did have some rice. A typical meal would look something like this (didn’t drink any sugared water…ok I had one can of coke, but I also drank a lot of beer haha).

Redang Food

It’s a holiday wei…what am I supposed to do. Didn’t have my phone with me the rest of the time so couldn’t really take any pictures of what I ate.

Saturday night was a garden wedding where I stuffed myself with a lot of butter and bread roles, we skipped lunch so we could get back in time and just ate a bunch of nuts in the car on the way back (almonds, pistachios and cashew nuts).

Sunday went a bit mad instead of getting back on the diet, due to the sad news – we were both in a bit of a weird mood. Not a mood conducive to eating eggs.

I had an all day breakfast at Sid’s (seems to be a common place for my cheat day haha) and a few pints whilst watching the Rugby.

For dinner we ate Japanese at Jaya One – it was ok. I was still hungry after that though so I had a Ramly burger and some potatoe chips – whoops.

Of course by Monday I was back on track 😀

Weigh In

Monday Morning Weight = 124.1kg
Saturday Morning Weight = The best I have is Wednesday morning – before I went to Redang – where I weighed in at 121.9kg
Weight Loss = 2.2kg

Previous Updates:

Slow Carb Diet Update #1 – Week 1 – #4hb

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Liam v Noel Gallagher (Again)

In one corner we have the ever cocky Liam, bringing on a fairly typical Oasis sound with his little gang of chaps called Beady Eye.

In the other corner we have the dude on the stool with a guitar – Noel, giving it more soul and bringing a definitely stronger set of tools to the song-writing table.

What are your thoughts?

Mine are I’m glad I saw Oasis in Singapore before they broke up.

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Back From Redang


Just got back from Redang, was there as the island was closing up – Saturday was actually the last day.

Yah it’s not long since my last trip – Finally Back To Scuba Diving – Pulau Lang Tengah – which was my first SCUBA Diving trip since 2005.

Kim only just got certified at Lang Tengah though, so it wasn’t a proper leisure diving trip as we had to layan the PADI Open Water stuff.

We went down to KT on Wednesday night, stayed in some shiteous hotel called Hotel Indah (never gonna stay there again) and headed over to the island on Thursday morning.

We even got a beautiful sunset on the way there.

East Coast Highway Sunset

Redang was awesome, the weather was flawless – sunny and blue skies all the way. It held off with the rain until we were eating dinner on the last night, which was fine – it cooled us down just nice.

The visibility was good, we saw a bunch of cool stuff and had a right laugh (1 crate of Carlsberg, 1 create of Tiger and 1 bottle of Absolut…).

The food was SO much better than Lang Tengah too (thankfully). Will do a diet update in the next couple of days, not so much to report tho as didn’t have a whole lot of choice on the island (carbs galore!).

Sadly there was a tragedy on the way back from the island, we’d already left much earlier as we had to attend a wedding in KL that Saturday night – so we didn’t see it..

But I’d prefer to remember it as a great holiday, full of sunshine, laughter, great dives and new friendships. Sadly, this isn’t the first diving buddy I’ve lost – but I sure do hope it’s the last.

RIP C, you will be remembered.

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Nokia N9 In Malaysia – Powered By MeeGo

I’ve got mine, loving it so far – the best Nokia experience I’ve had as of yet.

I was a bit sceptical at first (even though I loved my Nokia N900, it was a pure geek device and not fit for the mainstream). The N9 however is pretty polished, there’s of course still a fair amount of things that I feel could be improved – but for once account sign-ups, mail sync, contact sync, Facebook, Twitter etc all work out of the box.

It manages contacts well with Facebook/Twitter/Phone numbers/e-mails all linked up and the home page shows a live stream from Twitter/Facebook/Flickr/Youtube etc all merged together + weather and any notifications like e-mail.

Nokia N9

I hope a Pixelpipe app comes soon 😀 Can always send by e-mail though so that’s not a big deal. One of the first things I’ve noticed is there doesn’t seem to be any push notifications for apps like Facebook and Twitter – but perhaps I’m too used to the very invasive notifications from iOS.

Will write a proper review next week when I’m back from SCUBA diving in Redang (don’t be jealous yeh :P).

If you wanna find out more about it, you can do so here –

The prices in Malaysia for the Nokia N9 are:

Nokia N9 16GB – RM1,799
Nokia N9 64GB – RM2,088

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Movie Review – Real Steel – Bang Bang BOOM

Real Steel (2011)

In the near-future, where the sport of boxing has gone hi-tech, Charlie Kenton is a washed-up fighter who lost his chance at a title when 2000-pound, 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. Now nothing but a small-time promoter, Charlie earns just enough money piecing together low-end bots from scrap metal to get from one underground boxing venue to the next.

Heard about this movie a while back, and well anything with Hugh Jackman in it is bound to be pretty good – add that up with some fighting robots and you’ve got a winner in my books.

It’s doing pretty well on IMDB with 7.0/10 – but bear in mind it’s not actually screening yet so that score may well change after 13th October when it hits the big screens.

Hugh Jackman played the part of Charlie Kenton rather well, he’s a very Wolverine kind of character (cowboy, trouble maker, owes people money etc.)

Hugh Jackman as Charlie Kenton

He seems to play that type of role very well..there’s no much other acting going on the film – his son is pretty good as played by Dakota Goyo. He’s cute but not overly annoying.

The main meat of the film is the robots and the interaction between Charlie and his son, there’s are a few supporting roles – one of course being the love interest.

It’s always good when a movie has a hot love interest too, in Real Steal it’s Bailey Tallet as played by Evangeline Lilly and she’s HAWT!

Evangeline Lilly as Bailey Tallet

She doesn’t really do much though, adds a bit of relationship stuff to the movie and sits around looking pretty mostly.

And the CG is absolutely stunning, the robot boxing matches are spectacular – even the training scenes involving Atom are just great. CG really has come a very, very, very long way since those early days in the 90s. It looks so realistic now it’s becoming hard to differentiate from live action scenes.

Real Steel 2011

The movie is well paced, the soundtrack is good and there’s a good mix of humour, action and drama. It’s pretty much a regular sports flick, but with robots boxing instead of humans.

This is definitely the best robot movie of the year, I have to agree with eyeris on this one – Transformers 3 just can’t stand up to boxing robots!

And it’s definitely worth watching in the cinema, it’s a very visually impressive movie.

I give it a solid, robot smashing 8.5/10.

And of course, thanks to Tune Talk for inviting me to the pre-screening!

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Slow Carb Diet Update #1 – Week 1 – #4hb

Well I’ve decided I may as well document my effort at dieting here for my own good as much as anything else, and to put it out there in the public eye to put more pressure on myself to stick to it.

Also I like to think of it more as a paradigm shift in my eating than a diet, my goal is not only weight loss – but to be healthy. In a way this new food regime aims at body recomposition – loss of fat and gaining of muscle.

Anyway this and the following posts will basically document what I eat, and my weight fluctuations (which hopefully move downwards in general).


This is generally what breakfast/lunch looks like – before that I would have drank 500ml of iced water and taken my first dose of PAGG.


I won’t be posting much pictures of these, because it’s basically a bunch of eggs (fried/scrambled/omeletted etc) and some beans/spinach/salsa/ham/bacon etc.

The crucial thing is to eat 30grams of protein within 30mins or max 1 hour of waking.

Dinner was beef rendang with cauliflower rice, it didn’t work so well because it’s a fairly dry dish and the cauliflower taste overwhelmed me a bit even though the rendang was delicious.
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The Moon Ring AKA Winter Halo

So last night I was chilling out, writing up some stuff that had to get done and I noticed a lot of people tweeting about the moon..I didn’t notice at first exactly what they were saying, but everyone was basically saying it was beautiful.

I went outside to take a look, and well it looked pretty normal to me – I even took a picture of it..because I didn’t know what the fuss was about. I took this at 300mm, so I didn’t see what everyone was talking about.

October 2011 Moon Ring

Then a few people mentioned there was actually a ring around the moon, so I went back out and looked again – I could see it but it was kind of faint. I took a picture of it with a wide angle lens and this is what I managed to get.

Moon Ring October 2011

The ring slowly got bigger and bigger and less bright. Apparently it’s caused by the refraction of the moon light through ice crystals or something..

You can read more about it here – Moon Light Effects

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We Ate This Updated! – Tampopo Ramen – Liang Court – Singapore

Awesome Ramen!

Tampopo Black Pig Shabu Ramen

Tampopo Restaurant – The Best Ramen? – Liang Court, Singapore

BTW please leave your comments over at We Ate This and not here – Thanks!

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Cool Typing Based Game In ImpactJS – Z-Type

This is a really cool word/typing based shoot-em up type game written on ImpactJS using HTML Canvas etc.

Z-Type ImpactJS Game

I managed to get to about level 33, here’s my stats:

My Score on Z-Type

If you can’t read it – Score 3649 and Accuracy 85.2%.

Play it here:

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