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Dim Sum Breakfast at Dawn

Well yesterday and today was a bit weird timewise.. After dinner last night I got home and passed out on the sofa at about 8pm, I woke up around 1.30am and didn’t feel like sleeping any more…so I didn’t I did some hardcore work writing documents about attacking networks, firewalls and routers (packet sniffing, session […]

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50 Things you should eat before you die!

Can’t remember where I saw this list, but it’s pretty cool. Those I’ve struck through are the ones I’ve had. 1. Fresh fish 2. Lobster 3. Steak 4. Thai food 5. Chinese food 6. Ice cream 7. Pizza 8. Crab 9. Curry 10. Prawns 11. Moreton Bay Bugs 12. Clam chowder 13. Barbecues 14. Pancakes […]

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The Christmas Experience

Well here goes…gonna be long and lots of pics so be prepared. Took Friday off, spent most of the day trying to pay my summons. I mean what kind of bullshit is that, I want to pay the freaking things but I can’t…the papers said all counters would be open ’til 6pm as they are […]

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Newsflash: Shaolin almost dies of heart attack..

Well there I was…standing on the balcony having a cancer stick, when lo and behold I was like OMFG WHERE THE FUCK IS MY CAR, IT’S GONE.. I had parked my car here: Had it been stolen? Had it been towed away? No, fortunately it just happened to be an optical illusion..the car was perfectly […]

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Food, movies and even MORE food!

Friday was a big blur, all day watching presentations..*yawn* Was a long and tiring day, 13 30 minute presentations with Q and A’s too, I managed to ask everyone a question they couldn’t answer though, so that was my job done 🙂 Friday night just had dinner, went online to chat for a while and […]

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Blogging….it’s the pwn!

The term “blog” has been chosen as the top word of 2004 by a US dictionary publisher. Merriam-Webster said “blog” headed the list of most looked-up terms on its site during the last twelve months. During 2004 blogs, or web logs, have become hugely popular and some have started to influence mainstream media. Source: On […]

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Sun, Sand, Sea and Smiles…

Ok I meant to write this yesterday but I was busy writing the stupid question paper hehe..Oh well I finally finished it at 2.30am…so I’m kind of tired now *yawn* Was in an excellent mood again yesterday and had a good nights sleep with some nice peaceful dreams, which makes a change hahaha.. Went out […]

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The water situation erm…and dace!

Ok so class was ok today as normal… I got back and wondered why the hell the car had moved, some kind of dodgy ghost business going on? Then I noticed piles of stuff everywhere…hmm I thought, hmm indeed. Where the car was once parked, now rests a hole. Looks like they decided to properly […]

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Rain, Mee and Me

Ok well like I said when it rains here it rains..I think it’s pretty much the same for the SE Asian region at the moment though as it’s Monsoon Season…so it’s damn hot most of the time and the rest of the time it rains..a lot.. At least it rains properly in this side of […]

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Shaolin Kung-Fu Tom-Yam Indomee

Been kinda down today..then watched some crappy depressing movies on HBO..including The Joy Luck Club[/url], which is supposed to be uplifting, and I’ve meant to watch it a few times but missed it, as it’s also supposed to be good, I just found it kinda depressing…a whole load of people with fucked up lives. Then […]

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