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Dentists, Fillings and Teeth in Malaysia

So a while back….I had a photoshoot lined up for a Sunday morning 3-4 models, make-up artist, location was set and everything was ready to go..

I was pretty tired from the previous day of shooting (10+ hours straight) but I crawled out of bed, ready to rock again.

I felt something in my mouth, a foreign object, I spat it out and it looked like a lentil, I thought where the fuck had that been hiding? I hadn’t fully woken up yet so I didn’t realise what it was…until I’d stumbled around for a while then I thought it might actually be a filling. Right enough I bit on it and it was hard as rock, definitely not a lentil!

I checked my back tooth (I have a cavity on the side) and sure enough there was a hole there, damn it, my goddamn filling had fell out.

It wasn’t too painful unless I ate or drank anything, which was unfortunate..I canceled the shoot and took some painkillers and went back to bed for a while.

I couldn’t find a dentist open on a Sunday in KL for quite some time, I did find one but it was only open until midday and by that time it was past 12 so I reluctantly waited for the next day. I was a bit worried too as I’d never been to a dentist in Malaysia before and hadn’t in fact been to a dentist for 4 years since I left the UK. The dentist back there said my teeth were very healthy and I should just have a check up every 2 years. I forgot about the 2 years thing, I’ve had very few problems with my teeth since I started a proper dental hygiene regime with an electric toothbrush.

Anyway the next morning I asked around a few people to see if anyone knew a dentist, KY suggested one in SS2 which I went to the next morning but it so happened it was closed on Mondays. I found another on Google but they had no places…sorry but I can’t really wait a week to get my tooth sorted out, don’t you allow any space for emergency appointments? Obviously not..

I found another clinic too, which Suan had also mentioned in SS25 (very near my office) by the name of Tiew Dental Clinic.

I went along there and the dentist was free in the afternoon, so I made an appointment for 2pm and went back later on.

I was nervous, but I couldn’t be doing with a huge hole in my tooth..thankfully the dentist was very professional and competent and gave me confidence in her work.

She said that I had some tissue damage and a little decay as it looks like the filling that fell out might have been loose for a while (I had noticed that my tooth was a little sensitive to hot/cold but thought nothing of it) and that I should have a temporary filling called a dressing which contained clove oil (Eugenol) and was a lot softer than a full hard filling. This would allow the tissue damage to heal and the area to get itself repaired before sticking a rock hard filling in.

I had to have an injection as I have very sensitive teeth and some drilling was required to remove the decay, the injection always hurts like hell..but it’s better than feeling the drilling. I also had scaling and polishing done since I was there.

The whole procedure was pretty quick and afterward my mouth tasted a little spicy like cloves, I made another appointment for August 29th (when I returned from UK) and went on my way. In total it cost RM115 (RM40 for the dressing, RM5 for the injection and RM70 for the scaling/polishing) or something like that..can’t remember exactly.

The temporary filling lasted just fine and I went back today to get the proper filling put in, it was very fast all done in 15 minutes (it was a buccal composite as it was against the cheek). There was a little bit of pain when she was removing the dressing as I didn’t have a jab this time, but it was bearable, it cost RM50 for the filling.

All in all I have to say private dental care in Malaysia is better than the crap NHS service we have in UK.

I fully recommend Tiew Dental Clinic!

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Coming to an end..

So my trip is almost coming to an end, 3 weeks seems like an awfully short time when you are having fun!

I thought it’d seem like a longgggg break, I guess life in KL is too hectic sometimes – it’s a good feeling to have nothing to do, to be away from the Internet and have nowhere to rush to.

It’s so much more relaxing driving here as everyone is so civilized, thankfully the weather has been pretty nice too.

Been down to Minehead in Somerset for some seaside and awesome food cooked by my aunt, been up Malvern Hills, been up to Birmingham a couple of times (not my favourite place), been up to Liverpool and even further up to Blackpool!

Had a pretty varied trip really, seen a good portion of UK.

I’m not looking forwards to the 20 odd hour flight back…leaving here on 26th afternoon and reaching back on 27th afternoon!

Emirates service has definitely gone down, the movies are on demand though and you still have a personal screen which is bigger, the food is still pretty good but the service is gone, they hardly bring drinks around, the stewardesses seem to not want to serve you, you can press the service bell and get no response.

Will pop down to Worcester town to get some stuff this afternoon, it’s weird getting used to the fact that the shops close at 5.30pm – can’t imagine how I managed with that when I lived here.

Sometimes England seems so backwards.

I’ve had a great time though, wish I had another couple of weeks to catch a premiership match, head to the lake district, maybe over to Dublin too.

So many things I want to see still, lots of Europe I haven’t seen either. Oh well plenty more years to go, just have to save up the moolah.

Back to KL soon though, back to work, back to Starbucks, back to parties, back to lots of sweating.

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Movie Review – Rambo IV – Harrowing

Rambo IV

In Thailand, John Rambo joins a group of mercenaries to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped by the ruthless local infantry unit.

I was always a big fan of Rambo, of course Rambo: First Blood is still the classic and one of the best action/hero movies ever made. Sadly 2 and 3 were a bit weak with more action but a lot less character.

I was interested to hear about Rambo making a come-back, and what a comeback he made.

The movie starts out with Stallone looking like an out of shape washed up hippy catching snakes in Thailand to support himself and driving a boat.

But shortly after that all hell breaks lose and trust me when I say it’s brutal, it’s really intense, the action scenes are horrifying and remind me of the tension and pace of Black Hawk Down.

Stallone has still got it, big time! He rocks this movie and Rambo is a hero once again.

Sylvester Stallone as John Rambo

The movie is gritty and gory, much more so than I would have expected. The storyline is good enough and the filming is excellent.

Stallone really makes the movie come alive, he gives a lot of depth to Rambo, a guy who just wants to be left alone. Plus he really does look tough, remember this is a guy who is almost 62!

Honestly I was surprised how good this movie was, for once my expectations were exceeded. Don’t get me wrong it’s not deep nor is it the best movie ever made, but it’s a hell of an action flick.

If you haven’t watched it, do so now or I’ll shoot you with an arrow – 7.5/10.

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Malvern and Minehead

The weather has still been a bit hit and miss, it’s raining pretty hard now and was miserable yesterday.

We had a few good days before that though, had a nice walk up the Malvern Hills.

Malvern - North Hill

We didn’t make it all the way up to the top because my Mom bought a car on the way to Malvern, a lovely mercury silver Renault Kangoo from 2005.

Off down to Minehead after that, my aunt is such a superb host and an amazing cook, we had some fantastic meals.

We had a ride on the West Somerset Railway too, real oldskool steam train.

West Somerset Railway Steam Train

And of course some cream teas! This was a very good one with clotted cream, strawberry jam and scones. These are scones!

Dunster Cream Tea and Scones

That was one superb cream tea! Back at home now for a day, maybe take a break from travelling around today. Caught up with an old friend last night, went up to a Casino in West Bromwich in his new Audi TT Quattro…nice car that!

Probably head up to Blackpool and Liverpool, skip the lake district as the weather isn’t so great at the moment.

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Nokia E71 – My Review and Comparison to E61i

Now I guess you know I like gadgets being a geek and all, and I always liked the look of the Nokia E61 with it’s big screen for surfing…but it was ugly as hell.

Thankfully Nokia updated and came out with the Nokia E61i with a camera (albeit a basic one) and a funky new full metal body which was sexy as hell. I grabbed myself a Nokia E61i back in May last year.

I have to say I’ve been really happy with the phone, it’s tough and it just works. It has been getting a bit sluggish lately but I have filled it up with stuff and it’s took a bit of a battering.

So recently Nokia announced a new update to the family, the far sexier and slimmer Nokia E71. It dead leak a fair while before that, but you can never believe those dodgy prototype photos.

Nokia E71

The specs are pretty impressive, it has an updated camera (with Autofocus!) and it has GPS, finally I have less excuse to get completely lost now. It’s available in Grey Steel and White Steel, I of course opted for the far more manly Grey version…the white one looks a bit Apple-fanboi-ish.

Introducing the Nokia E71.

Nokia E71

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Movie Review – The Bucket List – Happysad

The Bucket List

Two terminally ill men escape from a cancer ward and head off on a road trip with a wish list of to-dos before they die.

This is a movie I only heard about after the phrase “Bucket List” swept the Internet recently, a list of things you must do before you kick the bucket – nice eh?

It’s a movie about two old codgers played by Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson respectively.

A sad and touching story with a spot of humour and lot about acceptance and human character, it’s sad in some ways happy in others.

Some of the places they visit are truly spectacular, majestic to say the least and the filming of the locations is poignant and moving.

The dialogue between the two main characters is great, Carter played by Morgan Freeman – the downtrodden working class man who had never achieved his aspiration of becoming a history teacher and Cole played by the Nicholson – the flashy, rich, pushy and flamboyant business man.

Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman in The Bucket List

Two quite opposite characters that end up getting along very well. Jack Nicholson tends to play very large characters, often larger than life and this one is no different. He manages to not overplay it too much though and Freeman balances it out with a steady performance through-out.

It’s not the kind of movie I’d generally watch, it’s a bit soppy but it is quite well done. I’d suggest giving it a watch if you want a break from all the fast paced action, cheesy comedy and superhero movies we’ve been seeing lately.

I’d give it a worth a watch 6.5/10.

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Not Too Bad

The weather hasn’t been too bad really on and off.

Pink on Blue

Quite a lot of rain, but it hasn’t been too heavy – quite a bit of blue skies too which is nice! Quite a lot of grey skies too which isn’t quite so nice…but can’t have your cream cakes and eat it!

Apple Turnover

Been eating plenty, popped up to Birmingham a couple of times going to head down to Minehead for some season action on Wednesday.

Headed down to Worcester Cathedral as well of course.

Worcester Cathedral

Perhaps pop up to the Lake District and maybe Blackpool too – that’s the plan!

So far so good!

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Red Bull Rookies Photoshoot for FHM Malaysia

So a while back I got an awesome phone call saying that I’d be shooting the Red Bull Rookies for FHM Malaysia!

Red Bull is very active in community events and various activities and the next female driver search is on, so do check them out at

As you’ve seen in my previous post – the pics were featured in a 3 page spread in the August edition of FHM.

So say hello to the lovely Red Bull Rookies.

Red Bull Rookies

From left to right Leona Chin, Puteri Ayu Jasmin, Norlina Johor & Baizura Ruslan.

It was a fun shoot, all done on location in Sunway, some in a car tuning shop and some at a grimy old workshop. All strobist style with portable speedlights and some gels thrown in for good measure. These were shot out the back of the workshop as the sun was going down.

Norlina Johor

Norlina Johor

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Osso Bone Care – Fix your Joints, Bones & General Pains!

A friend of ours invited us over to try out some bone/muscle care, mostly because we’re heavy computer users we tend to hunch and have bad postures.

Well mine was worse until I got the best chair evar!

Anyway, off we went to Kuchai Lama to check out Osso Bone Care to get pulled, whacked and scraped by the expert hands of Calvin Shun.

Osso Bone Care - Kuchai Lama

He’s studied both Eastern (TCM known as Dit Da) and Western (Osteopathy) styles of medicine and understands how to combine both to treat most ailments, they even treat fractures, breaks and dislocations (provided you go to the ECU and get an x-ray first – they have x-ray viewing facilities).

He can treat muscle (strains/pulles), nerve (trapped nerve), bone (most bones are slightly dislocated) and stress related conditions. Some treatments can take a few months (such as spine curvature) and some can be dealt with in 1-3 sessions.

Before they start they’ll ask you various questions about your body, stress level, how you sit, what kind of habits you have, what position you sleep in, if you have an particular pains or restriction in movement, if you have headaches and so on.

Bone Care Assessment

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Flying Off to UK for 3 Weeks!

So tonight I’m flying off to UK for 3 weeks! Finally a well deserved quiet time, some time to do nothing, take some pictures of flowers and insects and nature (ok maybe some hot white chicks too if I find any..).

Time to relax, read some books, walk in the countryside, eat some cream cakes, pork pies, scotch eggs, mushy peas, fish and chips, full english breakfast, sunday roast, bangers and mash, bubble and squeak, toad in the hole, chicken cordon bleu, gammon steak, chicken tikka masala, crispy aromatic duck, strawberries and cream, apple and blackberry crumble, meringue…and the list goes on! I’m salivating already.

Bacon and Egg sarnies of course.

Bacon and Egg Sarnie

Fish and Chips and Mushy Peas with a nice cold BEER!

Fish and Chips

3 weeks with no parties, no events, no forced late nights, no meetings, no nonsense, no nothing except what I want to do!

I’m taking Emirates, my favourite long haul airline. The service is good, they’ve never been delayed so far, the planes are in good condition, the crew are very professional and polite and quite chatty, the food is decent, the movies on the plane are excellent, Dubai is a pretty nice airport to spend a few hours in and the prices are reasonable too!

Qatar Airways was slightly cheaper, but they only fly to Manchester, which is a few hundred miles further from my places than Birmingham airport.

The worst so far is still KLM, bad food, HORRIBLE staff and can be quite often delayed…the upside is you do get to transit in Amsterdam with all the PORN!

The last time I was back in UK was in 2006, I didn’t manage to get back last year…so this trip is going to be awesome! The fact my photography has improved a little is a bonus.

I’ve persuaded my Mom to get a new computer too so no more Pentium II 333mhz for me! Hopefully will be able to upload some better stuff this time.

I’m hoping the weather is more like this.


And less like this.

Grey Skies

Updates may be a little infrequent until I’m back on August 27th, but I’ll do the best I can and I’ve drafted up a few things just in case.

I’ll probably check back in when I’m in Dubai in the middle of the night and I’ll reach UK around midday tomorrow (about 8pm tomorrow night).

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